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  • Lore Addition to STR

    Aug 03, 2018, 09:08 p.m. · DeathMayCry - Reddit

    Given the relationship Sion & Nihilus have with Traya, it would be interesting if CG added a buff to those toons if used against her in Phase 3 or 4. Something like they dont tick her Bonds of Weakness when they attack would be an interesting lore nod, especially with how much the devs like KOTOR (or seem to). Though with the current state of the raid, it will most likely never happen.

  • Preventing Critolyte, Second Pass

    Aug 02, 2018, 11:08 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    We’d like to thank everyone for their patience as we’ve worked through the Bonds of Weakness rollback (details here) and gone through the process of finding another solution to prevent Critolyte. We went back to the drawing board of our discarded ideas (along with generating some new ones) and gathered feedback from the forums, Reddit, and players. As we looked at different options, we asked ourselves, “Can we alter Nightsister Acolyte’s kit in such a way as to maintain her PvE/PvP balance while keeping her kit functionally the same and somehow also cutting down Critolyte?" Our preference is always to find a solution without touching character kits (if possible), but we think an adjustment to Nightsister Acolyte is preferable to other options that would impact the game with a much larger footprint and have wider balance ramifications for other teams or game modes.

    After we did some exploring in the studio and came up with our proposal, we sat down with beta testers and other players highly engaged on this issue and discussed our solution. They asked some questions about other options, why we chose our solution, and clarified some of the finer points. These players gave us great feedback and asked really pointed questions. Ultimately, they carried your voice forward and helped us keep the Nightsisters great. Thank you for your service!

    So what are the changes?

    Basic – Strike from the Shadows

    • Two attacks if stealthed -> Double damage if stealthed
    • Stealth chance increased from 70% -> 90%

    Unique – Thrill of Victory
    • Heal Amount increased from 20% -> 40%

    The end result, our testing shows, is that Nightsister Acolyte’s PvP utility/damage output should remain virtually unchanged (our data shows she is part of a common strategy in many shards and rankings, so we wanted to preserve her ability to dish out damage). Simultaneously, this cuts down the Critolyte strategy in the Sith Triumvirate Raid. Finally, given that Nightsister Acolyte’s viability remains virtually unchanged (aside from neutering Critolyte), we’re going to leave all equipment and abilities seated on her.

    This change will go live next week with our next release. We want to put it in front of you so that you can see the upcoming change and have a chance to share your thoughts in advance. Again, thank you for your patience and help in getting to a change that is more acceptable to the community at large.

    Finally, we’re still working through the Zombie changes and will be for a little bit. Expect any changes to Zombie to occur sometime before the end of September. Similarly, the plan is still to refund Old Daka Zetas at that time.

    Thank you.


  • Bonds of Weakness Change Followup

    Jul 28, 2018, 05:07 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    As an addendum to our post, we wanted to reach out and provide an update about yesterday’s fix. It appears that the fix we put in yesterday (where at 20 stacks, Bonds of Weakness imposes a Max Health healing penalty) has a bug in it. This affects characters with Max Health increases, such as some healers or Asajj (her unique) which will result in them not being able to heal to 90% of their actual health once their Max Health has been increased. We have a lead on the bug and will tackle it on Monday morning as soon as we get in.

    I’ll also personally say this bug is frustrating for me. More importantly, I know it’s frustrating for you and makes it feel like we didn’t give you the level of polish you deserve. When we make structural changes to the raid, or any large system in the game, we want it to roll out as cleanly as possible. We moved quickly on this change because the introduction of Critolyte showed some structural changes in the ways players invested and we needed to address it very quickly. This resulted in a rushed deployment with issues and for that we apologize.

    We’ve been monitoring the sentiment and forum threads and there is a standout we’d like to address. We recognize that we have introduced some uncertainty about the value of Old Daka with the announcement of the upcoming changes to Nightsister Zombie. When we release the changes to Nightsister Zombie, we’re going to be making a refund to all players that have Zeta’d Old Daka. What this practically means is that for all Zeta’d Old Dakas in the game, we’re going to un-Zeta the ability and give you back the ability materials in an inbox message. If you want to re-Zeta Daka, you simply need to use the refunded materials to apply it again or on any other character of your choosing.

    Finally, we’re also going to continue to monitor the live environment to make sure the 20 stack limit to Bonds of Weakness is the “right” amount. Initial raid completion data is showing that Nightsisters are still one of the dominant strategies in the Sith Triumvirate raid, but we will continue to observe. We will be investigating early next week, what game implications it has to bump the limit a bit further and whether or not we should move the limit up.

    Thanks again for your dedication and passion.

  • We’ve become aware of a team being used in Phases 3 and 4 of the Heroic Sith Triumvirate Raid, currently being referred to as “Critolyte”. This team consists of Asajj Ventress (Leader), Hermit Yoda, R2-D2, Nightsister Acolyte, and Darth Traya. At its core, a combination of Bonds of Weakness doing non-lethal damage, Asajj’s Leader ability granting Nightsister allies turn meter when being damaged and removing turn meter when they damage an enemy, and Darth Traya’s Isolate granting Health Steal to allies is enabling this team to invalidate an entire phase on auto in the STR. We’ve decided to action on preventing this behavior for a couple of reasons.

    First, similar to other changes we’ve made to Bonds of Weakness, our goal is ultimately to stop infinite looping behaviors in the most current raid. We’ve discussed that philosophy here.

    These are not the sort of play patterns that we want to facilitate or allow in the Sith Triumvirate at this time. We also have some concerns about what this may do to intra-guild dynamics and the competition for the best rewards over time.

    Second, we’ve been aware of Nightsister Acolyte and the looping interactions with her gaining stealth and turn meter for awhile. She’s been treading a narrow line between us feeling like we absolutely need to intervene on her looping behaviors and that we could allow her to persist as she currently is kitted. We’re not going to change her kit today, but we’re taking a look at it to figure out how we can keep her doing the things she’s good at it, without her always being an edge case that is always on the verge of being game-breaking.

    As of today’s release, Bonds of Weakness will have a new condition. Once Raid Darth Traya has accumulated 20 stacks of Bonds of Weakness, player characters will no longer be able to be healed above 90% health until the stacks have been reset. We believe that this should address the Critolyte team and provide some future-proofing around some other potential related interactions. Some players will notice that this will have an effect more generally on Nightsister teams in P4. Nightsister teams should still be able to post respectable numbers, but will not be able to clear the Nihilus component of Phase 4 as they have been able to in the past.

    We’ve been following the conversation on the Forums and Reddit and a lot of players have posited that we should change Darth Traya’s Health Steal buff. It’s a good idea, but doesn’t solve the root problem we have. Due to the interaction with Asajj, Bonds, and NS Acolyte, whenever we introduce a character with Health Steal Up again, we could potentially re-enable the loop. We’re making this change in the hopes that we have removed the potential for this specific interaction to occur again.

    We also want to let the player base know that we have been working on making changes to Nightsister Zombie to prevent the “Paper Zombie” strategy. Paper Zombie is a strategy in which players allow a Nightsister Zombie to remain underpowered so that she may more easily die. In allowing her to more easily die, they supercharge Asajj Ventress’ unique ability to gain spectacular amounts of offense. Our philosophy on this change is that in a game about progression and powering up your characters, wanting to move backwards is antithetical to the spirit of the game and it creates a significant disadvantage to people who leveled past this point without knowing of the strategy in advance. Progressing a character should always feel good. We are not ready to debut the change yet, as we are still considering some of the balance implications and other changes we may want to make. Since we were already discussing the Nightsisters, we wanted to let you know that the change is coming.

    This update should go live shortly today. As always thank you, for being a great community. See you on the Holotables.


    • Why did you make this change now? Nothing has changed about this team
      The reason we responded so quickly on this issue is because we didn't want players to begin to make long term investment decisions around (player ownable) Darth Traya and the raid and have us take it away one months from now. In general, we try to catch these sorts of infinite loops and other overly performant teams early, but we evaluate on a case by case basis. In the past, the Nightsisters didn't cross the threshold. With the introduction of the Critolyte team, we opted to make some changes to Bonds of Weakness that has some impact on Nightsisters.
      Our testing in house shows that they are still very good in Phase 4 and still outperform most teams in that Phase. In the balance of things, undercutting Critolyte and leaving the Nightsisters in a very good place made sense to us at the time.
    • Why such a big change?
      Regarding the drastic-ness of the changes, we try to evaluate anything we need to change in the game in a way that will hopefully prevent us from having to "fix" it again. That doesn't always work out, just because of the staggering complexity and the myriad of possible interactions in the game. That said, in reviewing with the Design team, this solution was deemed to help solve a lot of possible edge cases that could pop up in the future. We hope it does.
    • Im worried 20 stacks hurt my ability to participate in STR at all with my Nightsister team!
      For now as we monitor how the change impacts the player base. We recognize it's a pretty big change and want to see how it performs over time.
    • How will Nightsister Zombie still be viable after the changes coming in the future?
      We are still figuring out what the changes to Zombie look like, but we've got some really solid leads. Our goal is to make Zombie still fit her roll as the same constantly dying awesome taunting tank she's always been. We're also looking at how we bring some of the juice of her constantly dying under the Paper Zombie paradigm and bring that into the powered up Zombie.

  • Some people are reporting that their mods have gotten some random boosts overnight (like finding a +21 speed on Hoth Solider). I checked mine and while nothing was OP, there did seem to be some random speed boosts on some random B tier mods.

    They might have patched in the server fix for mods that failed to boost appropriately.

  • Content Update 7/11/2018

    Jul 11, 2018, 10:07 p.m. · CG_Leviathan - EA Forums

    Hi Holotable Heroes!
    We’re kicking off the 15th anniversary of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic with the following Content Release today, 7/11/18.


    Bastila and Jolee have joined the Jedi on the Holotable! Bastila Shan is a powerful Jedi leader that gives her allies an incredible first-turn boost. The reclusive hermit, Jolee Bindo, is an extremely durable Jedi Healer who can revive all of his fallen Jedi allies and turn the tides of battle! For further details, check out the Character strategy and kit reveals below:

    Legends of the Old Republic I
    In Legends of the Old Republic 1 join forces with Bastila Shan. Bastila is a powerful Jedi who's unique leader ability Initiative gives Jedi a much needed survivability and damage boost in the early battle, and continues to grant Jedi incredible damage enhancing power whenever they gain Protection Up from any source. This event will yield enough shards of Bastila to unlock a 3-star version of her.
    • Event begins: July 12th
    • Level requirements for event: 20+
    • Forced Ally: Bastila Shan

    Legends of the Old Republic II
    Legends of the Old Republic 2 showcases Jolee Bindo, a Jedi Healer who can call other characters to assist, grants Protection Up to allies (synergizing with Bastila's leader ability) and can revive all defeated Jedi allies. This event will yield enough shards of Jolee to unlock a 3-star version of him.
    • Event begins: July 13th
    • Level requirements for event: 20+
    • Forced Ally: Jolee Bindo

    A bug in the UI causes a reward bucket containing multiple mod shapes to display ALL of the bucket contents as "first time rewards", even though only a fixed quantity of things is ever awarded. We're going to fix this in a future update, but for now we're changing the rewards to be 2 circle mods from the sets the event awards. To be clear, nobody lost any rewards in the initial run of this event. Everyone who completed any of the tiers of the event received the correct rewards as intended by the event design.
    • Adjusted first-time rewards to be a circle mod from Defense and Critical Damage set (was: 2 random mods from either of those sets).
    • Added achievement for completing Tier 3 of this event.

    As mentioned earlier this week, the adjustments to early Quest rewards will take effect with the update today. To read more about these changes and why we are making them, check out this post.

    The following units have entered new locations:
    • Qi’ra is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • Enfys Nest is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • Bossk is now available in the Scoundrel Faction Packs.

    The following units have been removed from Chromium Packs and Shipments:
    • Rose Tico
    • Amilyn Holdo

    The following characters are now farmable in the following locations:
    • Dark Side Hard 9-B
    • Replaces Ewok Scout (Still available in Light Side Hard 1-A)

    The Journey Begins Bundle
    This bundle will now be available to players for 7 days once they reach level 20. Don’t miss out on this early opportunity to power up Princess Leia. Her bundle will only return with the rare Hero’s Journey events!
    Bundle Includes:
    • Princess Leia (x80)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: July 11th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Heroes of Legend: Bastila Shan Pack
    Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Bastila Shan and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!
    Date available: July 12th
    1299 Crystals
    Maximum # purchases: No limit
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Heroes of Legend: Jolee Bindo Pack
    Each pack guarantees at least 5 shards for Jolee Bindo and may drop up to 330 SHARDS!
    Date available: July 13th
    1299 Crystals
    Maximum # purchases: No limit
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Heroes of Legend: Bastila Shan Bundle
    Bundle Includes:
    • Bastila Shan (x30)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: July 12th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Heroes of Legend: Jolee Bindo Bundle
    Bundle Includes:
    • Jolee Bindo (x30)
    • Credits
    • XP Training Droids
    • Ability Mats
    • Gear
    Date available: July 13th
    Maximum # purchases: 1
    Minimum Level requirements: 20+

    Ship PvE Battles have been added to Daily Activities and Quests.
    • Finish 3 ship battles for the Daily Activity to earn XP, crystal, and ship building materials.
    • Ship PvE Quest “Win 5 Fleet Battles” available to players from level 60 to 65.

    In preparation for our exciting upcoming mod changes, you will see some new art featured in mod challenges.
    If you want to learn more about upcoming mod changes, check them out in our Road Ahead Blog.

    The Chimaera Legendary Event has been updated with the new 3v3 combat. We’ve modified the event difficulty to better suit Ships 2.0 and each tier has been reduced to a single encounter. Prepare your ships to battle Thrawn’s legendary Chimaera in this updated event!

    Because Jolee's "Eh, You Do It" ability is not always a full-team heal--it only affects Jedi allies-- as such it does not interact with the Assist-call effect on General Kenobi's Leader Ability. Since the target restriction on Jolee's healing effect is somewhat uncommon, and we anticipate that many players will use him alongside General Kenobi, we felt that it was important to clarify this interaction up-front to minimize confusion.

    Updated: 7/12
    • We are aware of an issue with Prestigious Quest Fulcrum Agent Tier 3 “Infiltrate” not completing. We are working to resolve this quickly and should have it corrected by the next update.
    • FIXED Jolee Bindo's basic attack doesn't reduce cooldown when assisting or countering.
    • FIXED Bastila Shan’s Ability “Initiative” Zeta is not granting bonus Tenacity to Jedi Allies with Undispellable Protection Up.
    • FIXED Savage Opress is gaining Accuracy down every turn regardless of if an ally has this debuff for him to steal.
    • FIXED Bastila Shan’s Marquee Difficulty is too high for level band 20 – 29.
    • FIXED The text for Mod Challenge requirements is missing- The requirements section isn't displaying restrictions for entering battle but the Mods Challenges still have faction requirements to enter.
    • FIXED Challenges and Events screen Crash - Client crashes or hangs when entering the Challenges or Events Screen
    • FIXED Some players can't complete Finish all Daily Activities despite finshing all previous activities

    • Fixed an issue where Biggs Darklighter’s “Adrenaline Rush" does not activate when Biggs takes damage from Emperor's Palpatine's "Crackling Doom"
    • Young Han will now prioritize his "Upper Hand" ability over his basic ability while under AI control.
    • Fixed an issue that caused Anakin's Basic ability to apply Healing and Buff Immunity after dealing damage (preventing them from blocking healing or buffs triggered by the attack itself.)
    • Boba Fetts Contract markers will no longer apply to AAT turrets.
    • Snow Trooper Elite's text has been changed to reflect current gameplay.
    • Clarified that Hera's "Play to Strengths" Dispel only applies to Phoenix units.
    • Geonosian Soldier's basic ability buff will now be affected by abilities which count buffs.
    • Fixed an issue that could prevent Nightsister Acolyte's double attack from calling two Assists with Talzin's Leader ability if she Revives two allies.
    • Sabine's Armor Shred now shows the number of times it's been applied to a unit.
    • Sith Triumvirate Nihilus will no longer gain Critical Damage Up buff when attacking a Bounty Hunter with his basic attack.
    • "Fleet Battles" quest now rewards Ship Building Materials.
    • Updated "Unlock Daily Activities" quest to unlock at level 3.
    • Updated "Guild Benefactor" Quest by removing task that required players damage the Rancor and updating text for the task that required player do the Pit Raid.
    • Quest text updated to correct an error where Tier IV was incorrectly displaying as Tier VI.
    • Greedo's "If at First You Don't Succeed" has been fixed so he is no longer limited to one extra attack

    << MEGATHREAD >>

  • Hi Holotable Heroes,

    Later this week, we are going to be adjusting some of the rewards from Quests (not Prestigious Quests, but those that are acquired as players level up through the beginning of the game). The additional rewards from Quests, such as extra XP are accelerating the early game experience and players are reaching more demanding content faster while not having the resources to compete in these challenges. Other rewards will also be reduced to account for the lower player level.

    While this is primarily targeted at brand new users, we know this will impact many of you and we wanted to give everyone some time to earn any specific rewards you are working towards before they are changed.

    This change will most likely occur Wednesday but stay tuned for more details.


  • The Road Ahead: July 5, 2018

    Jul 05, 2018, 09:07 p.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    Hello Holotable Heroes!

    It’s time again for the quarterly Road Ahead, where I reveal some of what the team is planning to accomplish in the upcoming months for Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes and give insight into the development process, as well as what you can expect to see from the team in that time for some of our larger updates.

    Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of Star Wars™: Knights of the Old Republic


    This July marks the 15th anniversary of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. Created by BioWare, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic delivered a deep, compelling role-playing experience filled with exciting new characters that were introduced into the Star Wars™ universe. To celebrate the anniversary, we are thrilled to be bringing some more beloved characters from Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, including light side companions such as the Jedi Padawan Bastila Shan, the Jedi Jolee Bindo, the Rutian Twi’lek Mission Vao, the Wookiee Zaalbar, and the loveable utility droid T3-M4.

    We’ll be sharing some more about these characters in the upcoming weeks.

    Game & Feature Roadmap
    Something we use internally to guide the direction of the game is a multi-year roadmap, which we put together to help identify the direction we want to go. There are numerous things we try to balance, between new features and quality of life, features for new players or for those at the end-game, content for those who prefer Player versus Environment or Player versus Player. All these things we try to use to strike a balance of features, and then we layer in a rotation of characters from throughout the Star Wars universe, from different movies and shows, trying to capture every last bit of the fandom.

    I mention this, because I want to describe how we came to the decision of what we wanted to do in our Title Update 13 build, which is slated for release sometime in the next couple of months.

    If you look at the last few releases spanning all the way back to TU9 at the end of last summer which was the release of Territory Battles, we have tried to touch on different parts of the player experience. Territory Battles was an entirely new feature aimed at making use of the entire collection and creating more cooperation inside of a guild. The next update, Territory Wars, while still focusing on guild play, introduced cooperative competitive play. With our “regular” Quality of Life version in February, it was time for us to provide a little relief in introducing brand new features, and to focus on improvements to help players save time that had been creeping up with the previous releases and the new raid. In TU12 and TU13 both, we are hoping to refine and build upon existing systems that have either not caught on sufficiently, or that we think could be better. All of this is laying the groundwork for the things we intend to do in the future, and we want to ensure the foundation is stable.

    As I’ve mentioned several times in the past few months, we are aware that one of the biggest requests from the community has been to facilitate “mod loadouts” – or an easy way for players to swap a group of mods from one character to another. However, not only was that a pretty hefty task for a normal Quality of Life update, but we knew there were a number of things that we believe need to be done with mods in order for them to reach their potential. From looking at the data, we know there are a vast majority of players who have not yet engaged with the feature, and in talking with the community we’ve heard that they’re too complicated. With an eye to solving concerns for both people who understand mods very well and those who don’t use them at all, we have set about on a number of changes and quality of life improvements to the mod system.

    Upcoming Feature Changes
    All of our updates have underlying goals that help us to frame what we’re trying to accomplish for Galaxy of Heroes, and with mods, those goals seemed pretty clear:

    • Clarity – Make mods easier to understand for players who find them overwhelming or confusing
    • Ease of Use – Make mods easier to use for all players, but particularly address usability concerns of players who currently engage with them, and make the system work the way they want it to
    • Balance – Create more diversity in the mod meta by elevating some of the sets that are currently under-utilized
    • Depth – Deeper investment in mods while respecting the investment made so far in existing mods

    I’m going to talk about some of the changes you can expect to see for each of these goals, however we have already begun to get player feedback on some of these items and will be running a couple alpha and beta tests in advance of their release. Although we’re starting to see many of you really engage with the new features we added with the Ships update, we acknowledge it can be frustrating when existing systems change. We also recognize that we could have done a better job messaging the changes to help the community get prepared for the upcoming changes. It is our sincere belief that these mod goals reflect more about improving your mods experience than changing it. Unlike how ships were prior to TU12, we believe there is more currently working with mods than not, however we do want to address some of the issues above to increase the use and utility of them. We’re working on a full communication plan to explain and visualize the changes coming to mods, which you’ll see rolling out soon. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

    Clarity: Basic Mod Screen & Recommended Mods


    As mentioned, many players don’t engage with mods at all, and many who do have expressed frustration and confusion about how to utilize the system. We are planning on addressing that with recommended mods:
    • Recommended Mods – One of the primary reasons why many players do not engage with mods is that determining which mods are best for a character requires a lot of knowledge about the character’s abilities. To increase mod accessibility, we have introduced a new mods screen that is similar to equipping gear. In this view, one of the player’s currently owned mods is recommended for the character and can be assigned. If the player does not have the recommended mod then a find flow will direct to a location where the mod can be acquired. The player can even press an Auto-Assign button to assign the best mods for that character.
      Note: We understand some players use different mods depending on different factors, and while we will be offering top tier recommendations, the primary focus of this system is to help make mods easier to use for people who don’t understand them deeply.
    • Basic Mod Screen – Mod recommendations occur on a new screen called the Basic View. This will allow people who don’t want to be inundated with information to simply focus on what mods they have equipped and how to upgrade them. You can choose between Basic and Advanced, and once selected, your choice will stick - so you don’t have to switch back and forth if you don’t want to.
      Note: If you are already an advanced mods user, you can opt to stick on the advanced screen which will remain the same as it is currently.

    Ease of Use: Mod Loadouts


    While a number of items are intended to improve the usability of mods, like removing the Destroy button which was a remnant from a previous time, the primary objective was to provide advanced players with a mod loadout feature.
    • Similar to saved squads for characters, the mod loadouts will allow you to save out groupings of mods, name them for easy reference, and then load them up onto another character with just a few button presses. This will even allow removing equipped mods and assigning to a new character in one step.

    Balance: Pulling up Under-used Stats
    We know a few mod sets, like Defense, aren’t good enough to warrant even using them right now. We’ll be making them more powerful, while not decreasing the value of any existing sets. This will provide more variety in mods without decreasing the value of any existing mods. The Speed Set will not be changing.

    Depth: Introducing Slicing


    One of the things that has added to the difficulty of understanding mods is the fact that it is unclear which mods are good in the first place. A mod’s Tier (Color) is currently based on the number of secondary stats when it is acquired. For example, a Tier A (Gold) Mod has 4 secondary stats at level 1 where a Tier E (Grey) mod has no secondary stats at level 1. What is confusing is that we then increase the tier (change the color) when leveling the mod. This results in all level 15 mods being Tier A (Gold) when there is a vast difference in the value of a level 15 mod that started at Tier A (Gold) vs one that started at Tier E (Grey).

    To better represent the value of the mod, we are separating improving the level of the mod from improving the Tier of the mod. In the future, as you level a mod up to level 15, you will reveal all four secondary stats. You will not see the color change any longer as you level the mod. By revealing the secondary stats prior to leveling up slicing the secondary stats, we’re trying to give players the choice whether they want to invest in a mod before spending anything on it.

    In an upcoming release, we’re going to set each mod’s color according to represent the Tier of the mod when it was first acquired, however the mod’s stats will remain unchanged. We are going to roll this change out prior to the client update so that you can get familiarity with how this affects your current mod roster. This may be somewhat of a visual shock, but keep in mind that the stats are not changing through this update. We’d also suggest that until these changes go into effect, you may want to avoid mass selling your 5-dot mods, so you can make a more accurate decision about their value.

    We are also introducing a new feature, Slicing, that allows players to improve the mod’s Tier. Similar to crafting gear, Slicing requires new pieces of salvage that can be acquired through Mod Battles. Once the salvage has been acquired, “Slicing” a mod will upgrade a random secondary stat and increase the Tier (Color) making it roughly equivalent of getting that tier mod in the first place, but at a different cost. For example, slicing a Tier E mod (Grey) three times will turn it into a Tier B mod (Purple). Slicing can only be done on rarity 5 mods. More about this will be revealed in the upcoming weeks.

    And more!

    There’s a lot more to share, especially details around these systems and how they’ll work along with other mod updates we are adding to the game, which we will be revealing through additional communications and will be testing in the upcoming beta tests.

    And as always, we’ll see you on the holotables,

    -Carrie Gouskos
    Senior Producer


    Clarified the wording around slicing versus leveling mods

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