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  • Galaxy of Heroes News & Dev Tracker

  • Grand Arena Roster Lock Bug

    Oct 11, 2019, 11:10 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    About a month ago, we received several reports that some players were able to add zetas and relics after the lock in Grand Arena. In investigating those instances, we found that it is possible to delay the roster lock mechanism. Currently, a player's roster is locked when they log in to the game (that means starting the game and seeing the loading screen) or when they visit the Grand Arena landing page after the preview phase has expired. This is currently driven by your device communicating with our servers, and, in certain circumstances, allows relics, zetas, or new units show up after the period that should be "roster locked". We are working on a fix that will move the roster lock to be when the player joins the event, locking whatever players had set at that moment.

    We've discovered the root cause of this issue and are working on a fix. Our hope is to roll this fix out in the next two weeks. We did not alert the community about it earlier, for fear that it would cause a spike in the behavior. Some players, with the introduction of GAS, have exposed the issue and we're letting you know that we a) know about the issue and b) have been working on a fix. We posted this issue to the Dev Tracker if you want to monitor its status.


  • State of the Galaxy - October

    Sep 30, 2019, 09:09 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    Hello Holotable Heroes,

    It’s that time again - State of the Galaxy! As we are writing this State of the Galaxy, we’re recognizing that these may not look the same every time. Last time we spoke mostly about our intent and this one is mostly a check in - although we do have some new things to report. Let’s dive in.

    Follow Up - GAC
    We’re making progress on getting the next Championship (and our first, lightly themed one) pulled together. Our first themed championship will focus on the First Order and you’ll see First Order flavored feats, portraits, and titles. Start dusting off your First Order characters and get ready for the Championship after October’s Championship.

    Update - Cheating
    We’ve been working with our engineering team and SWGOH.GG on how we can best get the battle history over to them. During our investigation we’ve surfaced some interesting cases we need to resolve before going live with the information. The two most pressing issues we’ve needed to resolve are a) when is the information surfaced and b) who can see it. We’ve solicited feedback from our beta players and we’re making progress. Our hope is to be able to roll something out soon, but we’re still working through some issues. Stay tuned.

    Follow Up - Relics
    We’ve been monitoring the rollout of Relics carefully and we haven’t seen any major technical issues. Initially there was some negative reaction in the community, but overall our numbers are showing high and continued engagement with Relics. We’ve seen 31,814 characters go to Relic 7 and there are over 138,612 characters at Relic 4-6. The tools we use to monitor the meta are also showing some pretty big shakeups. We’re starting our next round of ideation around the future of relics and are excited to share what we come up with (when it’s closer to ready!).

    Update - Territory Battle
    Prepare your collections! Light Side Territory Battle Geonosis is coming in November. We’ve got a whole host of new enemies and allies. Are you prepared to battle the Nexu and the Reek? Can you lead the Galactic Republic forces to victory? Prepare your squads for the next Territory Battle.

    Visual Lag
    We’ve gotten a number of bugs and issues about some “visual lag” as players are moving through different UI screens and just generally “lagginess” in the game. We’re very aware of the issue and are working fast to resolve it. We’re going to be releasing an updated client to specifically deal with these issues next week. As a result of this issue (and other ongoing issues) we’re going to be releasing a...

    ...Dev Tracker
    Today we’re going to be unveiling a dev tracker to communicate more with you about what we’re currently working on. We’ve spoken with our friends over at Apex Legends about theirs and built our own in a similar style. We’ll be unveiling later today and we’ll have more to say about what will be showing up on it then. Be on the lookout.

    We just sent out the questionnaire for next month’s Q&A. We’ve been getting some really great questions and we’ve enjoyed answering them. November is likely going to be a Road Ahead post. We’re going to be talking about a feature we’ve been working on for new players that we think will make the new game experience something that can be better navigated. Until next time…

    See you on the holotables.



  • Welcome to the first edition (in quite some time) of the State of the Galaxy. Previously we used the State of the Galaxy as a catch all, update on the game, which eventually morphed into what is now “the Road Ahead”. Over time we realized that the Road Ahead was acting like a single monolith of information and that we didn’t have enough touch points with the community where we acknowledged things that were going well (and not so well) in the game. We want to use the State of the Galaxy as the once-a-month check-in with the players talking about our progress on building new features, what may be coming out that month, and discuss some tough topics that are currently affecting the game.

    Our hope is that the Road Ahead acts as our broad intent about upcoming major changes to the game, the State of the Galaxy is our monthly check in, and the monthly Q&A is a way that we can talk about things in the Road Ahead and the State of the Galaxy with you in addition to our other normal posting. So without further ado, let’s talk about what’s going on with the game.

    Grand Arena Championship
    After what can only be described as a significant number of bumps and bruises (It’d be disingenuous of us to act like the release of GAC has been a rosy, pain-free affair), the first season of the Grand Arena Championship is officially underway. We had a scare with the points associated with Byes, but for now everything appears to be stable and working as intended.

    The creation of GAC has been a multi-release process for us and it’s been a learning experience for everyone in the studio. We’ve made competitive modes in the past, in many of our other previous games, but nothing as elaborate as the GAC. If you look at the game as an evolution - this is a step beyond what we initially envisioned. When we first released, competition was simple; there’s a small pool of potential heroes, make the best single squad. But now, with almost hundreds of characters and a wide variety of strategies, we want to be able to celebrate all the different ways you can play in the game.

    This is ultimately a long winded way to say, we’ve learned a ton and it hasn’t always been fun (for you or for us). Thank you for your patience and helping us see this through to this point. Now that the patient is stabilized, we’re going to start looking into making small changes to the mode (better messaging, updating scoring/point gains, and expanding feats) with a longer term view to the future (things like: new modes, better seasonal wrapping, and expanded inter-guild matches). We look at GAC as a platform for us to continue to expand what the end game looks like and we’re excited to continue going on this journey with you.

    Cheating has been a major topic of conversation since the beginning of Grand Arena Championships - and we’ve posted a few times recently about how seriously we take cheating in providing a competitive PVP game and actions that we’re taking to address cheating in SWGOH. This is a never-ending challenge, but we wanted to give an update on the results of some of those actions - as well as communicate other initiatives that we’re working on regarding cheating.

    We previously communicated that we were introducing a “new suite of data points and detection tools.” These tools help with the identification of potential cheaters which then go into a queue for manual review by our staff along with reports from the community. The introduction of these tools to help us identify potential cheaters more quickly, along with the increased focus of team member hours devoted to investigating the claims, have resulted in us taking action against four times as many suspected cheating accounts in August over July. 96% of the time this resulted in a perma-ban - irrespective of spend level.

    That said, while the conversation has been incredibly heated around cheating in recent weeks, the vast majority of players are playing fairly. To give you a sense of scope, we’ve been able to determine cheating occurred, and then actioned against, several hundred accounts in August out of a couple thousand suspected accounts we’re monitoring. We’ll continue to improve these tools over time, and we’re talking with other EA partners and looking into 3rd party tools that exist to help identify cheaters.

    To make reporting suspected cheaters a little easier, we’re taking steps in our next version update to improve the cheat reporting system by adding additional options for what kind of cheating is suspected as well as the ability to add comments. These categories help us prioritize which cases to investigate first, and the comments help give much needed context to the investigations. While we’ve been handling reports submitted directly on the forums, the in-game tool is the best way to submit a case of suspected cheating.

    Lastly, we wanted to mention that we’ve been talking about adding a Battle Report Summary to communicate which characters were used, how much damage each character dealt, how much health they had remaining, etc. Adding this in-game is going to take some time, so we’re actively talking with our friends over at SWGOH.GG about exposing this data to them and letting them display the results. We’re excited about the opportunity to get this information into the community’s hands sooner and will have more updates on this in the coming weeks.

    You’ve started to see our introductory posts around Relics over the past couple weeks. We’re going to continue to do very targeted forum posts about different aspects of Relics as we ramp up to the release of Relics this month. Topics we still need to cover include: How to Upgrade your Relic, Character Progression, and Relic Abilities (spoiler alert on this one: there won’t be Relic Abilities in the initial release, but we’re laying the groundwork for it). Stay on the lookout for these and continue to post your feedback (we look forward to tackling some of these questions in the Q&A later this week).

    Next Month’s State of the Galaxy & Road Ahead in Nov
    I also want to use this post to frame our near future plans so you have a solid idea of what to expect in the coming months and what we will be talking about in the next Road Ahead or State of the Galaxy. Normally, we would be ramping up for a big Road Ahead post next month, but you already know that Light Side Territory Battles will be our next major piece of content alongside new ships and characters coming - so we are going to save this for November.

    Going forward, we will be posting the Road Ahead when we’ve got a new chapter of content to announce or something huge and exciting to announce (approximately once a quarter) but if there isn’t, we will post a State of the Galaxy that month in lieu of the Road Ahead. Our hope is while the Road Ahead is about driving hype and excitement around something cool and new, the State of the Galaxy can be where we discuss how things are going in the game and go deeper into our intentions.

  • Version Update: 8/8/2019 (16.3)

    Aug 08, 2019, 09:08 p.m. · CG_RyDiggs - EA Forums

    TU16.3 Scheduled game update:

    Hello Holotable Heroes!

    We will be rolling out a scheduled update version 16.3. Various background fixes and updates are included. Below you will find the change you’ll see in game.

    8/8 ~ 1:30PM - 6PM PST (estimated): Roll out to all App Stores / Google Play Games world wide for download
    8/9 ~ TBA Forced update to all games. We will post update times tomorrow

    Gameplay improvement:

    • Players will be prevented from making duplicate G13 finisher items.
    • Players who attempt to create a duplicate G13 finisher item will receive the following message:


    We look forward to bringing you more updates!


  • The Road Ahead - 7/29/2019

    Jul 29, 2019, 07:07 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    Hi Holotable Heroes,

    It’s time again for another Road Ahead. As CG_Erik, mentioned last week I’ll be taking over writing the Road Ahead posts. If you haven’t seen my name pop-up before, I’m the Live Producer. The Live Operations team is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the game. We introduce new characters, ships, and events. I’m really excited to talk about what’s coming next.

    With that said, let’s step into the Cantina and see what the future has in store for the next few months.

    The Battle Rages On...


    It’s been a few weeks since Separatist Might landed and we’ve already seen guilds do some incredible things. Team Instinct and Mighty Chlοrians were the first guilds to get to at least 30 stars! Congratulations to both Team Instinct and Mighty Chlorians and good luck on the march to 33 stars! Also, about 80 players have beaten the Acklay! Crush the Republic scum and conquer Geonosis!

    You may be wondering, “Is this the end of our focus on the Clone Wars era?” Far from it! After reworking the Geonosians we asked ourselves what could we work on next? How could it be the Clone Wars without taking a pass at the clone troopers themselves? We’re going to be updating a select few of the clones as they prepare for future battles . We hope fans aren’t too divided on the ones we selected - we’ve gone through something like 500 different iterations on which ones we should update!

    Our Clone Wars invasion ultimately culminates in the release of the second half of the Geonosis Territory Battle - the light side. On the light side, you’ll battle against the dreaded Droid Army and the villains of the Separatist council. We’ve got some new units making an appearance to support the war effort that will leave you slapping your forehead in disbelief. We have a few other surprises in store, but revealing more would strain our benevolence. You won’t have to scavenge for long, as the light side reeks of great content.

    Unlocking Iconic Power

    Star Wars is a galaxy filled with objects just as recognizable as the characters that wield them: Darth Vader’s mask, Hermit Yoda’s cane, Rey’s quarterstaff, Darth Maul’s lightsaber, and more. While we’ve done our best to represent many of these objects on the character models themselves, we believe that there is something inherently mythical about these iconic items.

    Traditionally, progression and power in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has been represented by abstracted stars, gear, or modifications to your character card. In the coming months, we’re excited to begin talking about the next phase of character progression in the game, revolving around unlocking and mastering power represented by a unique item associated with each and every character in the game.

    Finally, what if these items not only granted you immense character power, including potentially brand-new abilities, but if they were also enhanced using the massive quantities of accumulated unspent gear and materials that longtime players have piled up over years of collecting and playing?

    Our goal is to not only make the game feel more truly connected to the Star Wars galaxy, but also to reward longtime players for all of their dedication over the years, and make players feel like everything they’ve ever collected and amassed in the game matters. We’re excited to talk about this new feature more in the coming weeks and months!

    See you on the holotables.


  • Server Update: 7/12 ~5PM PST

    Jul 12, 2019, 11:07 p.m. · CG_RyDiggs - EA Forums

    Server Update: 7/12 ~5PM PST
    • Championship points for Round Wins will now be awarded moving forward
    • Game will not be restarted for this update
    • Next week, we will look into correcting affected player's scores impacted
    • We will post more information Monday 7/15 on this issue

    Thank you all, and have a GREAT weekend!


  • Server Update: 07/12/2019

    Jul 12, 2019, 11:07 p.m. · CG_RyDiggs - EA Forums

    Server Update: 07/12 ~5PM PST
    • Championship points for Round Wins will now be awarded moving forward
    • Game will not be restarted for this update
    • Next week, we will look into correcting affected player's scores impacted
    • We will post more information Monday 7/15 on this issue

    Thank you all, and have a GREAT weekend!


  • Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We wanted to reach out and give you an update on how platoons will work in the Geonosis Territory Battle. Our plan for platoons is to make them static in all phases. However, given that this represents the most end game of end game content and that the platoon abilities are key to victory at this time, we wanted to make the strategic trade off between using a character in a platoon and using the character in combat a meaningful decision. This results in many desirable characters being included in platoons (Darth Malak, Darth Revan, General Grievous, etc). Additionally, the number of each of these required will increase as the phase increases. Our goal is to alleviate some of the intraguild planning, while also challenging players’ rosters.

    As a related side note, the minimum character/ship star requirements for each phase is as follows:

    • Phase 1 = 6*
    • Phase 2 = 6*
    • Phase 3 = 7*
    • Phase 4 = 7*
    You can find the full set of platoons detailed here. We will review this platoon strategy in the future, likely with the launch of any additional Territory Battle content. At that time, we’ll make any changes if they are warranted.

    See you on the Holotables.

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