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  • Content Update [HF] - 4/18/18

    Apr 18, 2018, 08:04 p.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    Hiya Holotable Heroes,

    These are the updates included in today’s hotfix, 4/18/2018. This should go live approximately in the next hour - hour and a half. If you would prefer the original Raid Rewards from the Sith Raid, please make sure you withhold closing out the raid until you get the in-game server restart message at that time.

    Sith Raid Rewards Rollback and Make Good

    As discussed in some of our recent Dev posts, we have reviewed the outcome of our raid reward changes and will be reverting back to the original Sith Raid rewards.
    Along with this change, we will also be sending 2 pieces of gear from the full piece reward pool to all players at level 85.
    You can find more about information about the rollback in this post:
    Sith Raid Reward Rollback - 4/17/18

  • Hello Holotable Heroes!
    I have one last update on the Sith Raid Rewards (for the next month or so, at least, I hope).
    We have done some serious thinking about our intention with the original reward change and its rollout, and we've realized the net effect has gone too far to diminish the value of the Sith Raid to players while it is still relatively new, especially to the very top end of the rankings in higher Tiers. We will be revisiting reward changes in May along with Gear XII 5/6 so that we can more effectively balance rewards and progression for the entire player base, but in the meanwhile, we have decided to completely roll back all the changes to the way they were prior to the update on 4/11/18. That means the return of challenge gear (sorry), however, it was the only way we could do it as quickly as possible.
    Last week I promised 2-4 pieces of full gear by means of a makegood within the two week window to anyone who completed the Heroic Tier. However, given that we have expedited the fix and are doing it in one week instead, and that there were people in other Tiers affected by the change, we are going to give an even 2 pieces of full gear to everyone who is level 85. Note: Some sub-85 people who completed the Heroic Tier will be granted these rewards through a server fix in a week, it’s just a technical limitation that we can’t provide it at the same time.
    This change will take effect after tomorrow’s Content Update, which will be signified as complete by a in-game server restart message. The patch notes will also be posted to the EA Forums shortly before the update goes live. To ensure you get the new rewards, do not close out Phase 4 until that restart has occurred.
    Note: We have other things to talk about regarding the damage bug in the raid, and will reach back out when we have an update. Many thanks to everyone helping us debug this issue by providing screenshots and info.
    Thanks for your patience and your passion, and as always we’ll see you on the holotables,


  • Hi everyone,

    After yesterday’s follow up post, intended to be clearer and more succinct (also based on feedback from foreign language users to be more direct), my intention was to show side by side comparisons of the Raid Rewards before/after in a post today.

    However, based on the response, instead of spending the time to craft further explanation, we are going to commit to sooner action instead. The rollback as outlined in the Update to Raid Reward Changes - 4/11/18 is being pulled in to mid-next week instead of up to two weeks as initially outlined. The makegood will follow.

    We are also reevaluating the rewards for the very top end #1-3 placing players in the HSTR in particular to ensure it is more commensurate with their level of effort. More info on that to come, however it will occur sometime after next week’s update.

    Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on the holotables,


  • Server Update 4/13/2018

    Apr 13, 2018, 06:04 p.m. · CG_Leviathan - EA Forums

    Hiya Holotable Heroes,

    We are rolling out a small server update today, 4/13/2018.

    Recently, we offered login rewards related to Quality of Life/Dev Blog updates that some players did not receive. This update will grant the missing rewards to those players by providing them directly to their inbox. Apologies for the delay in getting them to you.

    Thank you and see you on the Holotables!

    (NOTE: The rewards will only be credited to those who logged in on the day they were awarded but did not receive them. They can only be acquired once per device.)

  • Hey all,
    Posting again today because I wanted to simplify yesterday's message and try to be more clear, and also because I said I would in the comment's of yesterday's thread.

    Let me clarify as clearly as possible the intention of the Sith Raid Reward changes:

    At an aggregate level (meaning total for the guild but not necessarily for every individual in it), we wanted to boost the rewards that all members of the guild were acquiring, while addressing some quality of life asks (namely the removal of challenge gear).

    The glaring exception that arose from this change was in the Sith Heroic Tier which over the long run is going to be among the most valuable set of rewards in the game. However, in order for this to be true, it will require:

    • The value of Darth Traya to be realized
    • The exclusive new Gear XII 5/6 pieces and
    • Time for players to master the raid.
    Furthermore our stopgap solution to drop lots of full pieces of Gear XII until such time that the above criteria was met - was a fundamentally unhealthy decision on our part. You worked really hard to get these rewards, and even though we are confident that you will like the long term picture of mastering this raid, we haven't earned that with you yet.

    I am personally responsible for this decision, and for that I sincerely apologize for the missed expectations. We effectively made half of a change in order to address the quality of life asks, without the corresponding change to fill in the missing desired rewards. But more importantly, we could have been clearer and more detailed in the original post, and that is something I intend to take with me moving forward.

    However, many of the posted screenshots represent an incomplete picture of what the rewards will look like over the long run. Because there is a degree of chance involved, it is possible to see extreme swings in the before and after, despite that not being indicative of the average result.

    It was my intention today to post the before and after reward value for the Sith Raid based on the game data to quell some of the concerns about the value of the rewards dropping.

    However, based on feedback we need more time to explain the nuances in a way that is straightforward, succinct, and most importantly accurate. We will make every effort to post it before the weekend and will keep you updated.

    Thank you for being a dedicated part of the community.
    And as always we'll see you on the holotables,


  • Hello everybody,
    With today’s raid reward changes, many people noticed that the chance of receiving a full piece of gear in the Heroic Tier had been lowered. This was an overcorrection and we are partially rolling it back. Now anybody who completes the Heroic Tier will get one guaranteed full piece.
    Below is our explanation, forgive the wordiness but in order to explain the reasoning for this, we need to get into some heady topics.

    ---TL;DR Version---
    We had changed the droprate from a tiered percentage chance to a flat 40% to accommodate an additional two slots of Gear XII coming in May exclusively to the Heroic Tier. In the spirit of communication, we did say why because we don't want to promise something too early and then not end up delivering it on time. However after reviewing internally we feel confident that we can hit the May date, and we are rolling back the chance of a full gear piece from the Heroic Tier to 100% across all ranks, until the new rewards are live, at which point we will reevaluate. All of the other changes remain the same (including the flattening of rewards across ranks, the expansion of the full piece pool beyond strictly GXII, the removal of many pieces of low-demand salvage, and the changes to Guild Currency and Guild Event Tokens), and we will continue to monitor the impact of these other changes as players continue to launch & complete raids.
    We will make this change sometime in the next two weeks and ensure that a makegood, equivalent to roughly 2-4 pieces of full gear pieces, is provided to anybody who has completed the Heroic raid during this time period.
    Thanks for your feedback during this rollout.

    ---Longer Version---
    First, we'd like to apologize for one piece of improper expectations-setting in our announcement of the raid rewards changes. Specifically, for the Heroic Tier, the Guild Currency & Guild Event Token "steepening" was never intended to fully offset the reduction in value of all of the gear changes for top-ranking players. It was intended to preserve some incentive for finishing in the top ranks, since we reduced that incentive by flattening gear rewards (for the overall well-being of guilds and of the game).
    We made an oversight in wording in the initial announcement of the changes, and while the top-ranked Guild Currency and Guild Event Token rewards are significantly better than before, it doesn’t fully make up for the full piece odds drops, especially for ranks #1-3.
    Second, in our initial tuning, we overshot the mark in the odds of full GXII piece drops. Players who have the Sith Heroic Raid on farm, completing it twice a week without fail, consistently getting 1 or more full GXII pieces (emphasis on GXII because of the immense value of those gear pieces in combat), will pull away from the rest of the population in a way that is truly detrimental to the long-term health of the game.
    Without diving too much into the underlying value of the various pieces of the gear economy, we have been looking at internal data from the first few weeks of Heroic results, and we had settled on a 40% flat chance of a full complete piece, in the Heroic Tier, across all ranks, as a reasonable long-term goal for the value of the effort of completing the Heroic Tier when you include the expansion pieces of Gear XII.
    Third, we have changed the full piece pool from Gear XII, to a broader array of desired pieces. Despite its combat utility and theoretical demand, Gear XII is not as all-encompassing a concern for some players as concerns about Mk3 Carbantis, Mk5 Stun Guns, some formerly AAT-exclusive pieces, Gear XI finishers, etc. All of which are now in the complete piece pool.

    However, it's clear that the aggregate amount of effort (gear & ability investment, time, offline theorycrafting, and coordination) required to complete the Sith Heroic Tier is still too high to lower the complete piece odds at this time. Our target for the long run remains a 40% chance of a full gear piece (GXII, GXI finishers, highly pinched Raid Gear, or a handful of other high-demand pieces), plus the rewards from the expansion of GXII but until:

    • We have had a chance to reevaluate Heroic reward results once the new gear is out.
    • We see sustained evidence that players have their teams ready to go and are deploying them to consistently beat Heroic in larger numbers, we'll keep the complete piece chance at 100%.
    Players will receive advance notice from us in the future when we are ready to make this change.

    To our Heroic raiders: please take some time over the next couple of weeks and take a look at the aggregate GP lift among your guildmates, your aggregate result in Territory Battles and Territory Wars, and the rate of growth in ALL players' ability to complete the raid, over the coming weeks, as a result of these changes (including the rollback to 100% which we will deploy inside of the next two weeks). Know that your efforts will result in early access to the next release of gear. Know that we are always looking for more ways to reward you, and will be rolling out changes that reward the level of cooperation and cohesion that you have already established and that the vast majority of players are still working towards. We know that the adjustment may be painful for top-performing guildmates at first, but we are confident that this will be a net positive for players and for the game in the long run.

    Thanks to everyone for your feedback and we'll see you on the holotables,


  • Content Update 4/11/2018

    Apr 11, 2018, 05:04 p.m. · CG_Leviathan - EA Forums

    Hey Holotable Heroes!
    These are the update notes for our 4/11/2018 Content Update!

    The Sith Triumvirate Raid rewards have been rebalanced. An outline of the reward rebalance can be found in this post:
    Dev Blog - Sith Triumvirate Raid Rewards - 4/2/18

    NOTE: With the flattening of raid rewards, top ranking players (particularly in the Heroic) may see lower drop rates of fully crafted gear pieces, and (for some ranks) lower aggregate numbers of direct gear salvage drops. This has been offset by several factors, including:

    • Increase in quality of complete piece AND salvage drops
    • Higher payout of Guild Event Tokens and Guild Currency
      • We are closely monitoring the ability of the current Stores to effectively sink this currency on the gear and shards players need. In the coming weeks, we will be significantly expanding these stores to provide what players need the most, and with more convenience.
    • Greater benefit for the overall guild - this will correspond quickly to your guild’s ability to complete raids faster / with less difficulty.

    We will be monitoring player feedback AND the effects of these changes to ensure this benefits players as intended.


    Assault Battles Update
    With this release we are updating three of our Assault Battle events (Forest Moon, Military Might, & Ground War) with a pass on consistency, clarity, and balance. In addition, we are adding Mythic tiers to these events. We are doing this to ensure that all events of a category (in this case, Assault Battles) have a similar level of predictability and challenge, as well as a unified style and appearance. Please note that Assault Battle Mythic tiers are intended to be the pinnacle of challenge in the Event system, and may be adjusted over time to ensure this experience remains such.

    Forest Moon:
    • Updated event Description.
    • Updated all Mission descriptions.
    • Updated the Defend bonus ability with several bugfixes. Defend will now do the following:
      • Immediately grant the activating unit a heal equal to 20% of their maximum Health.
      • Grant +80% Defense (Armor & Suppression) for 3 turns. (Was 2 turns)
      • Grant +100% Critical Avoidance for 3 turns. (Was 2 turns, and did not always apply correctly.)
      • The active bonuses from Defend will now persist between encounters. (Was: expire on encounter end)
    • Added Mythic Tier.
      • Unlocks when the Bonus Tier has been completed.
      • As with all "Mythic" things, expect this tier to be something familiar yet different from the standard experience.
      • Assault Battle Mythic tiers are tuned for fully maxed out characters (G12, L85, Excellent 5-dot Mods).

    Military Might:
    (NOTE: This event is not scheduled for April)
    • Updated event Description.
    • Updated all Mission descriptions.
    • Updated the Counterwatch bonus ability. Counterwatch will now do the following:
      • Grant a Heal Over Time effect.
      • Grant +50% bonus offense (Counterwatch was already doing this, but the ability description was inaccurate.)
      • Grant the activating character Retribution for 2 turns.
      • While the Retribution effect is active, if the character attacks out of turn they have a 50% chance to call an assist. (New)
      • Updated ability description to clarify what is actually being granted. (Was: incorrectly stated it was granting "double damage" when in fact was only granting a 50% offense increase)
      • Context: The introduction of Commander Luke Skywalker has made this ability less useful then initially conceived. By adding the chance to call an assist, this both makes the ability more useful, but also synergizes nicely with Luke and his leader ability (should players bring him as the leader). The offense bonus was already present, but as the first and oldest "bonus ability" there were some messaging problems in the old description. This bonus ability will now be a more fun and rewarding part of the play experience for this event.
    • Added Bonus Tier.
      • Unlocks when T2 has been completed.
    • Added Mythic Tier.
      • Unlocks when the Bonus Tier has been completed.
      • As with all "Mythic" things, expect this tier to be something familiar yet different from the standard experience.
      • Assault Battle Mythic tiers are tuned for fully maxed out characters (G12, L85, Excellent 5-dot Mods).

    Ground War:
    • Changed event allowed units to: Jedi, Ewoks, Ugnaught (was: Resistance, Ewoks, Ugnaught)
      • Context: We are making this change because in each of the other Assault Battles there is a faction which makes sense from a lore perspective and a faction which is just for fun/challenge. Ground War was an outlier by asking users to bring the Resistance to battle Separatists.
    • Updated event Description.
    • Updated all Mission descriptions.
    • The Overcharge buff granted by Shield Droids will now also apply to B1 Battledroids. (Was: B2 Battledroids, IG-100, Nute Gunray, and Count Dooku only)
    • Updated descriptions for all 5 ranks of Overcharge to clearly state which version is active and how much bonus protection is being granted. (Was: shared description across all 5 ranks)
    • Replaced "Stand Aside" bonus ability with a new bonus ability "Moment of Glory"
      • Moment of Glory: Gain an immediate turn with the following benefits: Offense Up, Speed Up, Critical Chance Up, Critical Damage Up, Health Steal Up, Defense Penetration Up, and Potency Up. Activating this ability puts all allies instances of this power on cooldown.
      • Context: While mechanically interesting, the old Stand Aside bonus ability wasn't very useful and we found most players weren't willing to sacrifice the turns of their allies in order to power up a single character for a few turns. It was additionally difficult to find a clear use for this ability in the Mythic tier, where enemies are extremely healthy and powerful and losing 4 character's turns wasn't a satisfying experience. Moment of Glory retains the unique feel of "powering up" a single character (or multiple, if clever you are) without penalizing the other characters which we feel creates a more fun and interesting play experience.
    • Added Bonus Tier.
      • Unlocks when T2 has been completed.
    • Added Mythic Tier.
      • Unlocks when the Bonus Tier has been completed.
      • As with all "Mythic" things, expect this tier to be something familiar yet different from the standard experience.
      • Assault Battle Mythic tiers are tuned for fully maxed out characters (G12, L85, Excellent 5-dot Mods).
    • Overhauled repeat play rewards to be in-line with other Assault Battle events.

    Grand Master Yoda:
    • Grand Master Yoda can now copy the "Overcharge" buff from Assault Battle Ground War. For performance reasons, any rank of the Overcharge buff copied will be converted into the 300% version. Note that this effect persists between encounters, as it is a special effect found only in an event.
    • Context: Switching the Ground War event to use Jedi opens up many interesting possible squad configurations, and it makes sense that the Grand Master should be able to copy the signature buff from this event for a bit of added fun.

    Mythic Events:
    • Artist of War Mythic Event has been added. This event will only appear for users who have completed the Artist of War Legendary event Tier 7.

    Endor Escalation:
    • In Tier 1 the health of the AT-ST in this event has been reduced to 200,000 (was: 300,000)
    • In Tier 2 the health of the AT-ST has been reduced to 1,000,000 (was: 2,000,000)
    • Context: We're happy with the level of challenge taking on such an iconic vehicle has but we're reducing the total overall health to make the event quicker to complete.

    Artist of War (Mythic Event)
    The battle between Thrawn and Phoenix squadron has come to a head and only one side can prevail.
    • Date the event begins: April 14th
    • Minimum Lvl Requirements: 85
    • Character Requirements: Phoenix Squadron, Empire Squadron, Grand Admiral Thrawn

    Artist of War and Chimaera (Legendary Events)
    • Date the event begins: April 12th
    • Character Requirements: Phoenix Squadron
    NOTE: The Chimaera event is allowing players to enter with fewer than originally intended units due to a bug with how the mandatory units are being counted. However, because the event will be changed to conform with an upcoming update to ships, we are leaving the event as-is for this instance.

    Darth Traya Ability Name Change
    Swapped names for Darth Traya's Unique and Leader abilities to better align her abilities with Sion and Nihilus naming conventions.

    NOTE: Starting with the characters mentioned below, to make room for characters that are coming into the game, we are starting by removing characters that have 1 or more duplicate nodes. In every case, we will be leaving the “easier farm” node for those characters. We will also be providing guidance on our additional plans to manage this process, and ensure that farming routines are minimally disrupted, before the next round of characters hit the board.

    The following characters are now farmable in the following locations:

    • Dark Side 8-A
    • Replaces Barriss Offee (3 other locations)

    Mother Talzin
    • Light Side 8-A
    • Replaces Boba Fett (4 other locations)

    Nightsister Zombie
    • Dark Side 8-D
    • Replaces Ewok Scout (2 other locations)

    Nightsister Spirit
    • Cantina 7-F

    First Order Executioner
    • Cantina 2-G
    • Replaces Dathcha (3 other locations)

    The following units have also entered new locations, per the Character Release Cadence:
    • Darth Sion is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • Visas Marr is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.
    • The Sith Marauder is now available in Chromium Packs and Shipments.

    • The German translation for Mother Talzin’s Plague description has been clarified

    << MEGATHREAD >>

  • Live Q&A w/Dev Team - 4/6/18

    Apr 06, 2018, 07:04 p.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    And that's it for today! Thank you everyone for participating. We will do additional Q&As at some point in the future where we are keen on involving other parts of the development team. Stay tuned to the forums for announcements about when and what the subject will be.

    If you weren't able to get your question in on time, please submit them here for a future Q&A.

    Thanks from all of us!

    - CVG, NR, EL, SA, JS

    Hello everyone, we are here live taking questions! Please respond below, we will be taking them first come first serve and answering ONE question per person. If you have multiple questions, please ask the one you want answered most first - otherwise we will select the top one.

    Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team here:
    Carrie Gouskos, Senior Producer [CVG]
    Nick Reinhart, Live Producer [NR]
    Erik Larsen, Player Lifecycle Producer [EL]
    Sam Abbott, Lead Product Manager [SA]
    John Salera, Studio General Manager [JS]

    We will address as many questions as possible from 12:00PM-1:00PM PDT. And copy and paste the question into the first few responses in this post. We want to make it easy for people to read later.


  • The Road Ahead: April 5, 2018

    Apr 05, 2018, 06:04 a.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    Hello Holotable Heroes,
    It’s been a busy start to 2018 here at Capital working on the Sith Triumvirate Raid and Quality of Life updates. In the context of both of those releases, we have identified some additional items we want to clarify both on the communication and quality of life front, as well as our mapping of the Road Ahead for what’s to come.

    Communication Moving Forward
    One of the widest communications that we put out (outside of the in-game newsletters) is the Road Ahead blog (like this one), which will almost always fall in the first couple of weeks of a quarter (every three months) and will be posted to both our website and forums. We will add additional Road Aheads as needed, but the idea is that they map out the next few months in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.
    We are also going to be hosting a Live Q&A in our forums on Friday, April 6th 12PM PDT/7PM UTC. After our previous Q&A, we answered over 60 questions from the community, and have posted those responses in the forums here.
    We are also partnering with our Game Changer and Beta groups to ensure we are maximizing those programs. If you are interested in joining either program, we will be providing information on how to do that in our forums.
    Quality of Life Ongoing Changes
    Every client update (major game updates that require a new download from your respective mobile app store), we set aside a certain portion of time to devote to quality of life changes and bug fixes. This past February, we released our Quality of Life client update, but we have been making QoL changes throughout the past month. Specifically, in response to recent community sentiment, we have made changes to the upper limit of Territory War requirements, a change to refreshing arena opponents, and added some additional features to our upcoming TU12 client update, intended to launch inside of this quarter.

    Upcoming Content
    In anticipation of the upcoming movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, we are revisiting the Bounty Hunter faction this month inside the game. The Bounty Hunters are getting a new mechanic called “Contracts” and the interplay between the different Contracts and different makeup of the Bounty Hunter squads are going to revitalize their gameplay inside of Galaxy of Heroes. Alongside the rework of some of the existing characters, we will also be introducing the Trandoshan Bossk. One of the most feared Bounty Hunters in the galaxy, Bossk uses his natural Trandoshan hunting instincts to hunt down and capture his targets.
    After the Bounty Hunters, we are going to be in full on “Solo” mode. We will start by releasing… you guessed it, another Han Solo (we’ve seen the memes), and pairing him with the movie’s Chewbacca – as the first of a number of characters from the upcoming movie.

    Upcoming Features
    One of the biggest areas for improvement in Galaxy of Heroes is our social mechanics. From the literal social features to actual social interplay between players, we acknowledge that there’s room to grow. Our upcoming TU12 update plans to attack some of these head on. And while not all of the features are aimed at the elder playerbase, we believe that the value provided by having a fresh influx of new players in game will open up new opportunities for recruiting and competition in a way that you haven’t seen before.
    One of the biggest features is the improvement to the in-game chat functionality. Chat, at the moment, operates like a bulletin board inside of a single guild. While it was our intention to make every member of the guild valuable with the addition of Territory Battles and Territory Wars, there’s a downside to that value, which is that new friends and new accounts, until they’re Territory-ready, can feel isolated from the rest of the game. It also makes it hard to find the person or conversation that you most want to have without resorting to a third-party service.
    Our additions to chat will enable creating sub-rooms inside of your guild chat to split out the people talking about specific strategies or having officer-only chats inside the game. They will also allow direct messaging between two players, so people who want to be considered for a top guild can provide more information about why they should be included, and officers can communicate positions on the waiting list. Additionally, we will be adding a chat channel that extends to 500 players that exist either in the guild or the ally list of anyone invited. The idea is that while you may spend a lot of time strategizing with your guild, there are people in partner guilds or friends lists that would benefit from the availability of rooms like these.
    And with new things to do, come new rewards. Inside of the chat system, we will be introducing the first player vanity item, which will be player set titles. Titles will be visible inside of chat and other social spaces where your guild is usually shown, and you can choose to keep your guild affiliation or choose from a number of unlockable titles to show off inside the game.
    And Ships…
    We have been working for some time now to revitalize ship content (i.e. introducing a PVE table) and to make some significant changes to the way that ship combat works. Our aim is to speed up that gameplay, make it a lot more dynamic, and get you more bang for your buck with ships. Much more to come on that!
    As always, we’ll see you on the holotables,
    -Carrie Gouskos
    Senior Producer


  • For our last day of this blast of communication, we are going to hit one of the hottest topics in the community lately, changes to the Sith Raid Rewards. We are implementing the rewards on the Sith Raid first in our upcoming hotfix update (slated for next week), and will make similar changes to The Pit and AAT in the coming months. We waited until now to make changes because we looked at the data that shows how the first few runs of the raid netted out across many different segments of the player base, then we created tuning that will work for guilds at various levels and factors in the new cadence of the Sith Raid alongside The Pit and AAT.
    Given the difficulty of the raid, we will be increasing the rewards a bit. Skip down to the meat of the post for this info, along with a Q&A based on expected questions we think you may have. The credit for all of this information goes to our data & analytics specialists who are too shy to introduce themselves in the forums...for now.
    Also, we’ll be adding it to the calendar, but in the spirit of the Character Cadence post that Live Producer Nick posted on Friday, we will be adding Mythic Thrawn to the return of the Thrawn event, which will occur mid-next week (currently slotted for 4/11, but any number of factors mean it could end up +/- 1-2 days).
    As for our communication moving forward, we will work to settle into a regular cadence. I’d like to say weekly, but I don’t want to promise that and then not meet expectations. So for now, I’ll say that it is my hope to do it weekly, but depending on how much information there is to share, we may do it biweekly (using the every two weeks definition, not the twice a week one :P). Also, did I mention we are hiring a Community Manager? We are working on some longer-term communications that include a number of things that have cropped up recently, from forum concerns to player-suggested QOL features, to communicating our drop rates. The latter will probably take the longest as there are numerous points of approval, but they will be coming.
    Finally, we have a couple more intended announcements this week, including the Road Ahead blog, which is going through the final phases of approvals and that I plan to release in the next couple of days. We are also working on setting up numerous Q&A videos with Game Changers as Player Lifecycle Producer Erik mentioned in the Community post, and they will ask questions asked by you guys in the previous Q&A. We are also doing a follow up Live Q&A on our forums this Friday, April 6th at 12PM PDT. That’s it for this week.
    And again, thank you so much for your dedication to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. We will do our best to be worthy of it.
    Thank you, and I’ll see you on the holotables,
    P.S. Today's in-game reward will be coming a little later today and will be available for people to grab inside of the next five days. It will be granted directly to the inbox so as to ensure nobody will miss it.

    Sith Raid Reward Changes
    Raid Rewards are an important part of the overall game experience, especially given the time, effort, and coordination it takes for guilds to be successful at them. With the Sith Raid we also endeavored to reintroduce lower tiers of the Sith Raid so that there are more options for people of all player types to experience this new content. The rewards are intended to be commensurate with the effort, and we have made a number of changes to increase the overall rewards, as well as reduce certain aspects of frustration (challenge gear in higher tiers). We will continue to monitor the experience, both quantitatively and qualitatively.
    After monitoring how guilds are progressing through the challenging Sith Triumvirate Raid, we've significantly revamped the rewards across all Raid tiers. After monitoring early results & player feedback, we will do a similar pass on AAT & Pit Raid rewards in the coming weeks. Below is an outline of the adjustments we're making, and you will see them in our next content update, which is intended to launch inside of the next two weeks.

    1. Improved Underlying Quality of Gear Drops

      Across all Sith Raid Tiers, and especially beginning in Tier 4, the underlying contents of the Sith Raid mystery boxes have been revamped.
    • Mystery boxes at Tier 4 & above are now overwhelmingly focused on more difficult-to-obtain gear salvage, and are more narrowly focused on the gear needs of guilds working towards completing the tier in question, 1-2x a week.
    • Mystery boxes at Tier 4 & above have removed all challenge gear and other gear likely to be highly stockpiled by experienced L85 players from the Salvage rewards.
      • A handful of extremely difficult challenge gear pieces (such as the Mk 3 Carbanti) remain in the chance for fully crafted pieces.
    • When released, the next set of gear will enter circulation at first exclusively through the Tier 7 (Heroic) mystery box.

    2. "Flattening" of Gear Drops
    • All players within a guild will receive raid gear mystery boxes of the same quality, regardless of their rank in the raid.
    • These mystery boxes consist of:
      • A uniform chance (varies by tier) of dropping a complete piece of gear
      • A separate, uniform chance (varies by tier) at dropping a complete gear prototype (at Tier 4 & up)
      • A guaranteed amount (varies by tier) of salvage of difficult, relevant gear
    • To compensate for this "flattening" of the gear side of rewards, the curve of the guild currency and guild event token rewards has been made more steep (see #3), although the value of ALL raid shipment currency drops have been increased for ALL tiers / ranks.
    3. Increase & Rescaling of Guild Currency and Guild Event Token Payouts
    • All Guild Currency drops have been increased, and the curve "steepened" as mentioned above.
      • Increases vary by tier & rank, but all players' rewards are up an average of ~20%, and #1-5 ranked players' rewards are up significantly more than that.
      • Special attention has been paid to increasing the rewards to better fit the difficulty of the Sith Raid Tiers 5 & 6 for the population of guilds currently running those Tiers, and to rewarding guilds for "moving up" to, and performing well in, those challenging Tiers.
    • Guild Event Token payouts have been increased and are now more broadly available.
      • Players will receive Guild Event Tokens beginning in Tier 3 (down from Tier 5).

    Here are some questions we are expecting you may have along with their answers. We’ll be monitoring the megathread for this post (linked below) and will add additional relevant questions if needed.
    Q: Is the overall increase in rewards meaningful?
    A: Yes. We’ve intentionally scaled both quantity and quality as players move up the non-Heroic tiers, to fit gear rewards more closely with what players need. The intent is for these guilds to be able to complete a non-Heroic Raid tier more than once, but less than twice, per week. Guilds who fall within this range should receive, over the long run, an appropriate quantity AND quality of gear rewards to enable them to get powerful enough to grow together – a change from where raid rewards currently are, where players are essentially forced to push harder outside of the raid and other guild activities, in order to execute at the highest level within the raid.
    Q: Will players be happy with the normalization of gear Mystery Boxes?
    A: We think so. At higher tiers, the Sith Triumvirate Raid is challenging enough to require a contribution from every member of a guild, and so democratizing some of the rewards should be healthier for guilds in the long run. Feedback from similarly flat Territory Battle gear rewards has been positive enough for us to feel confident that this is the right change.
    Q: Why haven’t you removed all challenge gear from all tiers?
    A: Guilds currently completing Tier 3 & below are considerably more diverse, small, and difficult to balance rewards for. Nearly all of the pieces rewarded in early tiers are in demand for players in guilds who are currently completing Tier 3, but unable to graduate to Tier 4 anytime soon. That said, the raid is still relatively new, and if it settles in a place where even those players are clearly not being adequately rewarded, we will revisit those earlier tiers.
    Q: Can I still get Carbantis/Stun Cuffs/[insert gear here]?
    A: The main benefit of reallocating some rewards from the mystery box to the guild currency / Guild Event Token payout is to provide players with agency around what gear they need. Some extremely high-demand challenge gear remains in the pool of potential rewards for a fully crafted piece, but ALL challenge gear has been removed from the guaranteed salvage rewards, in favor of some of the toughest, highest-level gear salvage (including raid-exclusive gear salvage) in the game. Overall, the vast majority of players will have increased access to difficult “raid gear” AND “challenge gear”, whether through the mystery box or through the increased Guild Currency payout. And after we monitor the initial results, if we find that difficult gear inflow has been hampered by this change, we will primarily use changes to the Guild Currency & Guild Event Token store selection to increase availability of that gear.
    Q: By placing Top 3, I helped lead my guild to a Heroic victory and Darth Traya shards. Why aren’t I being more rewarded for my top position?
    A: Heroic raid rewards represent some of the most epic rewards in the endgame, and top performers will be handsomely rewarded across all categories. Some top ranks are now rewarded nearly double the guild & Guild Event Token currency. Future releases, and the unusually strong utility of raid characters (like Han Solo, General Kenobi, and Darth Traya), will continue to reinforce that high-ranking players will still be rewarded for their standout performance.


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