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  • Hiya Holotable Heroes!

    There has been some discussion in the forums around the difficulty of the Dark Side Territory Battle and the number of Territory Points. In particular, we discovered that players are receiving the incorrect number of Territory Points after completing missions.

    Additionally, we are aware that the battles are extremely difficult, particularly in Phase 1 which is unaffected by Platoon Missions. While it was intended to be difficult, there are a number of factors that may be making it too hard, especially in the first few phases. However, we can make changes only after the Territory Battle is complete.

    We will be monitoring the end of the battle very closely and will provide additional information next week about compensating players for any errors we discover as we dig through the results of the first Territory Battle.

    Again, thank you all so very much for your participation and support. Battle on!

  • Version update 11/22 MEGA

    Nov 21, 2017, 07:11 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    <<DEV POST>>

    Link to Pack and Bundle info
    The 2nd Anniversary festivities run for a week, so you can still qualify for the other tiers of anniversary rewards detailed in my Version Update post!
    So if you're lv 79, cross that threshold and hit lv 80, you can still be eligible for Lv 80 rewards. G'luck!


    Hiya Holotable Heroes!

    This week marks the second anniversary of the worldwide launch of Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes. To celebrate this august occasion, the team at Capital Games has been working tirelessly to bring you a major update with new features and improvements, as well as a calendar of fun and challenging Events. We hope you enjoy it!

    Over the past two years, one of the features players have requested most frequently was a way for Guilds to compete head-to-head. We are thrilled to announce that Guild vs. Guild (GvG) is coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in a new feature called Territory Wars!

    Below you’ll find information to explain how this new feature is going to work so that you and your guild can be best prepared for the coming wars.

    There is also a new Territory Battle, three new characters, rewards to celebrate our anniversary, and numerous polish items and bug fixes.

    As always, we want to thank you for playing the game and contributing to the community. It is only due to the on-going support from players like yourself that we have the opportunity to keep growing and improving this game that we all love.

    Thank you!

    -The Capital Games Team

    Here are the Game Updates for 11/22/2017!
    Prelude to Territory Wars
    Territory Wars is coming! To help you and your guild prepare, we will be rolling out a series of informative posts, videos, and events. Starting from Tuesday, November 21st (PST), you can find handy dandy in-game messaging breaking down what you need to know with an external link to the forums in order to learn more.

    Please keep an eye on your inbox or to this post below:
    Also this week brings the Prelude to Territory Wars event series. In this event, players will be exposed to different, powerful defensive squads to start prepping for the first Territory Wars.
    There will be unique events for players at levels 20-39, 40-59, 60-69, 70-79, and players 80-85 will get two event tiers.

    Remember that Territory Wars are for players 65+, so get leveling if you want to participate in the full event! Completing Daily Activities every day is a great way to increase your Player Level quickly.

    Be on the lookout for this event in the run up to our first Territory Wars!

    Territory Wars and Territory Battles Scheduling
    Starting on November the 22nd, players will receive the first newsletter about Territory Wars and the Prelude to Territory Wars event will start.
    As announced previously, we are also releasing a new Dark Side Territory Battle. Imperial Retaliation (the new Dark Side Territory Battle) will start November 23rd and run through November the 28th. The first Territory Wars will start on November 28th, beginning with a 24-hour preview phase. As long as there are no issues, the second Territory Wars should start on December 1st.
    Until the end of the year, our plan is to run a Territory Battle and then run two Territory Wars with at least a day in between each. We will be alternating Territory Battles between Rebel Assault and Imperial Retaliation for the forseeable future.
    Note: Until the new Territory War client is released, you may see the “Imperial Invasion” Territory Battle scheduled for Thursday, November 23rd. This will be updated to Imperial Retaliation when all of the data has propagated.

    Territory Wars

    Get prepared for the ultimate Guild vs. Guild showdown, Territory Wars, a new guild event that pits your Guild and collection against other Guilds and their collections for the true test of who is on top!
    • Prepare your territories for invasion by setting defenses
    • Conquer enemy territories as you annihilate their defenses
    • Use all new Guild Leader/Officer commands to direct your guildmates in both Territory Wars and Battles
    • Climb the leaderboard and show the world your guild's power
    • Anticipate regular changes in the future to keep gameplay varied and exciting! These could include unique unit bonuses and Platoon Missions.

    To read more details about Territory Wars, please read our post on the Territory Wars Overview <<HERE>>.

    Territory Battles
    Imperial Invasion renamed to Rebel Assault
    With the release of Imperial Retaliation (Hoth – Dark Side), we’re updating the Imperial Invasion to be named Rebel Assault (Hoth – Light Side) so that players can more clearly know which part of their collection is required for the Territory Battle.

    NEW Territory Battle - Imperial Retaliation
    The Dark Side of Hoth has arrived! Starting this week, players will take on the mantle of the Empire as they crush the Rebellion and destroy the hidden base on Hoth. Moving towards the Rebel base, players will experience the following:
    • Colonel Starck, Imperial Probe Droid, General Veers, Snowtrooper, and Darth Vader are the new Hoth Hero units and will be required units for Special Missions.
    • Some combat missions will require Empire, Imperial Trooper, and Bounty Hunter factions.
    • The first three vertical slices will have curated, static squad requirements <<Dark Side Platoon Requirements>>.
    • The special abilities you fought to activate in Rebel Assault, you will fight to deactivate in Imperial Retaliation – and vice versa!
    • An additional territory has been added, so that a total of 48 stars can be obtained.
    • We’ve dropped combat mission encounters from 6 waves to 4 waves.

    Our newest additions to the Holotable come courtesy of the chilling planet of Hoth. This release includes the explosive Imperial Probe Droid, the formidable Colonel Starck, and the fearsome Hoth predator, the Wampa.

    Now for the first time in Galaxy of Heroes, players can acquire a creature! Enemies will cower before the imposing might of the Wampa who attacks relentlessly, with each hit increasing his strength. Opponents who do not stop the Wampa fast enough will find themselves quickly overwhelmed and defeated.

    Also incoming, the Imperial Probe Droid is the first character that inflicts Target Lock, providing the Empire a source of Expose. Colonel Starck provides Empire allies powerful critical buffs and is a fearsome addition to any Imperial Trooper squad. These Characters can be acquired in the following locations listed below:
    • Wampa- Guild Events store.
    • The Imperial Probe Droid- Imperial Retaliation Special Mission, limited-time Packs and Bundles.
    • Colonel Starck-Guild Store, limited-time Packs and Bundles.

    For a more in depth look at these new characters, further details can be reviewed via the Character strategy and/or character kit reveals linked below:
    Character Kit Reveals: Colonel Starck, Imperial Probe Droid, Wampa.

    Double Drops!
    Make mine a double. In celebration of the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes 2nd anniversary, please enjoy global double drops from 11/24/17 to 11/25/17! Also, be sure to check your inbox on November 22nd for a special gift from the Galaxy of Heroes team (Please note this will not be live until Client Restart)!

    25% Crystal Promotion
    In celebration of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes' 2nd anniversary, for a limited time, get 25% more Crystals on select crystal bundles in the store! Limited one time purchase per bundle. This promotion begins November 22nd

    The following Characters are now available in the following areas:
    • Smuggler Chewbacca - Cantina 8-F
    • Smuggler Han - Cantina 8-G
    • Mother Talzin- Chromium Packs

    In addition, the PvE Shipment tables have been updated! PvE Shipments now offer a wider array of gear & characters, and now have ship blueprints available for the first time.

    Pack and bundle details coming soon!

    We have added a variety of guild leader/officer tools that should significantly help with coordination of both Territory Battles and Territory Wars. For more in depth information, please see our post <<HERE>>

    As we introduce more Elder features, it has become clear that steps need to be taken to reduce the time commitment in other areas of the game. This is a continuing discussion, but we have taken the following actions as a first step:
    • Territory Wars will not be occurring at the same time as Territory Battles
    • Galactic War Difficulty: We currently scale the difficulty of Galactic War opponents with the player’s best squad, however only scale rewards up to Level 85. We are now capping the difficulty of opponent squads around the power of players who have just reached level 85. This should make Galactic War far easier to complete for elder players.
    • Challenge Timers: The cooldown for challenge timers has been reduced from 10 minutes to 2 minutes for level 85 players.
    • Some changes have been made to Daily Activities to improve the player experience:
      • The dailies associated with training a character and equipping a piece of gear will now end at player level 40
      • The daily for upgrading a mod will be available from player level 50 - 59.
      • When these dailies are removed, their rewards are added to "Daily Activities Completion"

    • Completed Missions: A consistency pass was done to ensure that all missions that have been completed have grey bases to indicate completion. This includes Platoon Missions that have 6/6 filled platoons filled and deploy missions that are at 3 stars.
    • Map Navigation: A few changes have been made to make map zoom navigation in Territory Battles and Territory Wars more intuitive.
    • Push Notifications: Players will receive a push notification when a Territory Battle or Territory War is available.
    • Enemy Targeting: In some situations it was difficult to target or view buff details on certain enemies or apply buffs to allies. To improve all these situations, the UI element containing health/protection/turn meter/buffs can now be tapped to select a unit. It will also be easier to see unit buff details on long press.
    • Grouping Status Effects: To reduce clutter from multiple active buffs/debuffs on a character, they will now be consolidated and a count will be displayed
    • Platoon Mission Active Abilities: To ensure that all players notice the active platoon ability button in combat, it has been moved to near the other attack abilities.
    • Platoon Mission Icons: The platoon mission icons now display the platoons special ability
    • Platoon Mission details: To clarify which territories are affected by a Platoon Mission ability, a map now displays which territories are affected by the platoon's ability. In addition the platoon’s ability is displayed on the details screen so it can be accessed more quickly.
    • Abilities Affecting Territory: To clarify which abilities are affecting combat on a specific territory, abilities that affect a territory are now displayed when viewing a combat mission, special mission, or fortification mission. Blue borders are ally abilities, red borders are enemy abilities, and gold borders apply to both sides.
    • Saving Combat Mission Progress: To mitigate the loss of Territory Points when experiencing a crash during a Combat Mission, we are now crediting Territory Points earned up to the point of the crash.
    • Activity Log Messages: will now persist after a territory has been completed.
    • Keyboard Bindings: To enable easier interaction for players using a keyboard, we have added a setting to display a letter associated with each potential action in combat.

    • Boba Fett: : “Dead or Alive” Turn Meter Gain from Thermal Detonator explosion can no longer be Resisted.
    • Cad Bane: “Hunter’s Reflexes” will now grant correct amount of Turn Meter on Encounters 2+.
    • Emperor Palpatine: “Emperor of the Galactic Empire” will now apply Potency and Dodge Down on Encounters 2+
    • Hoth Rebel Scout: Fixed an issue with "Hope of the Alliance" where the Turn Meter gained from defeating an enemy could be resisted.
    • Kanan Jarrus: ZETA upgrade of “Total Defense” will now grant Turn Meter to ally who loses Foresight.
    • Nightsister Acolyte: "Sacrifical Magicks" will now have a chance to dispel all debuffs on herself and will now prioritize Nightsister allies who have a debuff.
    • Old Daka: "Serve Again" will no longer trigger after Old Daka is defeated.
    • Qui-Gon Jinn: Fixed back-end performance issue caused by Qui-gon Jin's leader ability.

    • Fixed issue where protection buffs would be persisted as base protection upon completion of a battle in galactic war.
    • Fixed some Territory Battle effects that were not playing their sounds.
    • Ion Cannon Platoon ability did not mention that it affects Phase 6 Imperial Fleet Staging Area
    • 2X icon from Cantina Battles was overlapping with Double drop text "Bonus Rewards" from the main menu screen on 4:3 aspect ratio screens
    • Not all characters that required a piece of gear were being displayed when tapping on it
    • Engaging in a Territory Battle Combat Mission was replacing the player’s squad in Cantina Battles
    • Star requirement on UNITS tab of raid details did not match actual star requirement
    • Promoting a unit was causing the star animation to light up one star higher than it should
    • Ships could become unselectable due to ships swaying in front of each other. This not 100% fixed, but has vastly improved
    • AT-AT Assault can no longer be counter attacked.
    • Titles for "Challenges", "Events", and "Mod Battles" have been capitalized.
    • In some instances, a pre-made squad in Squad Select that was deleted would reappear on client restart.
    • Retreating from ship combat when a max health buff is on a dead unit was causing a crash.
    • When multiple units are sorted by a filter (ex. Rarity, Level, Gear Tier, Power, etc) and those units have equal values, the units are sorted alphabetically.
    • In some instances where damage over time was applied, the damage numbers would remain on screen.
    • In inbox messages, such as Guild Activity rewards, the rewards would occasionally overlap the text.
    • The guild chat icon was not functioning in the instance that the preview of the leader’s banner message was displayed.
    • If Hermit Yoda was the last unit in the opponent’s Galactic War team and escapes from the battle, the player could not progress.
    • Pending guild invites were counting toward the guild’s Galactic Power.
    • When returning to the Cantina when the “Activate Character” prompt is about to display, the daily activities could be pressed very quickly to overlap the two elements
    • Units defeated with Deathmark in Phase 1 of the Rancor Raid could be revived in the next encounter.
    • In some instances of Raids, damage numbers would stop displaying.
    • Now the “Join a guild” request is cancelled when a player joins another guild.
    • When first installing a game on an Android device, if the player has already logged into a Google + account, the “Already have an account?” button will no longer display.
    • Some players were receiving many duplicate push notifications.
    • In situations where a unit died and was revived, the star count showed less than 3 stars but the node could be simmed. Now the star count is based on the number of units remaining at the end of battle regardless of revive.
    • The props on the guild home table (ex. Rancor) would sometimes not display and the label beneath would sometimes be inaccurate.
    • Fix for popup message not displaying for credits button in the Dark Side and Light Side missions.
    • The guild text box will no longer overlap with ability buttons in combat.
    • [Android] Using the back button while promoting a unit will no longer cause the game to crash.

    "The belonging you seek is not behind you... it is ahead."

  • As we mentioned in this post it is our intention to provide a more deliberate experience in Platoon Missions inside of Territory Battles by both curating those Platoons and then providing the list of those curated Platoons in the forums. We will provide updates before we make changes to this list in the future, so you can plan your Platoons accordingly.

    Platoon requirements by Vertical Slice and Territory: updated: 11/22

    ORIGINAL POST (images)

  • UPDATED 11/24



    Territory Wars require units to have a Power Rating of 6000 or higher to be eligible for participation. Units with power less than 6000 at the start of the Territory War cannot be used for the duration of the event.

    You can power up your units in a variety of ways including:

    • Training your unit with XP Droids
    • Applying gear
    • Upgrading abilities
    • Applying mods
    • Collecting shards/blueprint to raise the star level

    Make sure your units have reached the minimum power level before the battle begins!


    As we mentioned in yesterday’s Tip of the Day, the rewards you earn from Territory Wars scale up based on the Galactic Power of the guild members who are actively participating in the Territory War.
    • Individual Galactic Power is a measure of the effectiveness of all of your units and includes every form of unit upgrade.
    • Guild Galactic Power is the sum of the Individual Galactic Power scores for each guild member. Guild Galactic Power is one of the factors used in matchmaking for Territory Wars.
    • Active Galactic Power is the sum of Individual Galactic Power scores for all guild members participating in the Territory War. Active Galactic Power is used to determine Territory War rewards.

    One of the easiest ways to increase your reward is to encourage all of your Guild members to participate.

    You can increase your Galactic Power in a variety of ways:
    • Unlocking new Units
    • Training Units (increasing unit level)
    • Promoting Units (increasing star level)
    • Equipping Gear
    • Upgrading Abilities
    • Equipping and upgrading Mods

    Going Nerdy put together a video about how to efficiently increase your Galactic Power when Territory Battles were coming out that’s still applicable for Territory Wars. Check it out!


    UPDATED 11/23
    Tip for today: DEFENSE PLATOONS

    CrazyExcuses shows you the best characters to use in your defender squads, to keep the enemy off your turf.


    Tip for today: 2 WAYS TO WIN

    To win Territory Wars and dominate the Galactic Leaderboards, Guilds have to do two things:
    1. DEFENSE: Set up a stout and dominant defense to repel the enemies
    2. OFFENSE: Conquer territories with an aggressive and overwhelming offense.

    The ever-evolving strategies and tactics of how to employ Offense and Defense units, which territories to focus on, etc leads to endless ways to play that should keep Territory Wars interesting over months to come.

    Matchmaking attempts to pair guilds of roughly equal Galactic Power (and other factors) to ensure Territory Wars are not lopsided.


    Territory Wars are won by earning Banners. Banners are earned from the activities of guild members as follows:
    * Setting a defensive squad/fleet: 20 banners
    * Defeating an enemy squad/fleet: 10 banners
    * Conquering a territory: 450 banners (doubled for the back row)

    The scope of battle is related to the number of participating members in each guild (i.e., how many defensive squads can be set per territory).

    MobileGamer put together a great overview on How to Earn Banners in Territory Wars along with the rewards you can earn.

    The rewards your guild can earn also scale up according to the number of active participants, so encourage your Guild mates to play!

    Note: these rewards are subject to change in future versions of Territory Wars.

    Good luck and enjoy the new Territory Battle - Imperial Retaliation starting tomorrow!


    Tip for today: JOIN A 25+ PERSON GUILD

    Territory Wars require that your Guild has at least 25 people opted-in to participate. Also, the more participants you have from your guild, the greater the potential rewards, so make sure and join forces with a large and active guild.

    One handy way to find a large, active guild is to use the ADVANCED SEARCH feature in the GUILDS area.

    You can find the GUILDS area on the left-hand side of the Cantina.

    Then tap on the ADVANCED SEARCH button on the bottom of the screen.

    Lastly, use the GUILD MEMBERS selector to choose the size of the guild you’re seeking.

    Check back tomorrow for new topics! Now get back in the action and join up with a Guild!


    Hello Holotable Heroes!

    TERRITORY WARS are nearly upon us!

    Today we released an update to the game, which means you may go ahead and update your game today from the App Store or Google Play Store respectively (note: the build may take up to 24 hours to propagate in the stores). To give guilds and players time to organize, there will be a preparation period before we launch our first Territory War.

    During this preparation period, we’re introducing Prelude to Territory Wars events where you’ll face powerful defensive squads to earn rewards and power up for the main event.

    While you complete the Prelude to Territory Wars events, we’re also running a Territory BATTLE prior to the first Territory WAR. More details on that Territory Battle are in the Patch Notes <<HERE>>

    So to summarize in order of start date:
    • Starting on November the 22nd the Prelude to Territory Wars event will start. Return each day for new information and tips on how to prepare for the Territory Wars.
    • A new Dark Side Territory Battle Imperial Retaliation will start November 23rd and run through November the 29th.
    • The first Territory Wars will start on November 29th, with a preview phase starting on November 22nd. As this is the first War, it has been given an extended preview time, but going forward, Territory wars will typically be a 24 hour preview. As long as there are no issues, the second Territory Wars should start on December 1st.

    As we approach the first Territory War, CAPITAL GAMES is partnering with Game Changers to bring you tips, tricks and strategies to prepare yourselves. Each day you’ll get in-game messages pointing you back to this thread to see the newest information.

    Speaking of Game Changers, check them out below. They provide an incredible wealth of knowledge and bring you early access to much of the new content that goes into the game.


    They just released exclusive footage of 3 brand new characters coming to the Holotable, check it out <<HERE>>

    On behalf or CAPITAL GAMES, we want to say thanks to all of you who participated in the Unrestricted Beta releases and offered feedback. Your support has been immensely helpful, and we’re excited for you to experience the feature in game!

    If this is the first you’re hearing about Territory Wars, here’s a link to our Overview: <<HERE>>.

    For an overview of the Platoon vertical slices 1-3, please see this handy post linked below:
    Territory Battles: Imperial Retaliation: Vertical Slices 1-3 Platoon Requirements.

  • Hiya Holotable Heroes!

    Things get darker and colder on the Holotable- Hoth caliber cold! Three new units will be added as playable characters in the coming weeks. Click on the links below to read the ability text of each character. Then, check out some videos made by your fellow players for some exclusive gameplay below.


    Colonel Starck

    Imperial Probe Droid




  • Equipped with an array of sensors and telemetry hardware, this reconnaissance probot will quickly complete its mission and, if necessary, self-destruct to obscure the mission protocols. His character shards will be earned through nodes in Territory Battles (darkside).

    Basic: Precision Blasters
    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy with an 80% chance to Expose them for 2 turns

    Special 1: Detect
    FINAL TEXT: Dispel all buffs on all enemies with a 75% chance to inflict Target Lock for 2 turns. Then, remove 5% Turn Meter from Target Locked enemies. This attack can't be Evaded. (Cooldown 4)

    Special 2: Self-Destruct

    FINAL TEXT: Imperial Probe Droid instantly defeats itself and can't be Revived. Deal massive damage to target enemy. Deal Physical damage to enemies, equal to 30% of their Max Health. Expose all Target Locked enemies for 2 turns. This attack can't be Evaded. While Imperial Probe Droid has full Health, or has no active allies, this ability cannot be activated (cooldown of this ability is set to 1 and can't be reduced)

    Unique: Imperial Logistics

    FINAL TEXT: Imperial Probe Droid has +50% Max Health. At the end of each Droid ally turn, at the end of each Empire ally turn, and at the end of each Rebel enemy turn, Imperial Probe Droid gains 3% Turn Meter. While Imperial Probe Droid is active Target Locked enemies can't gain buffs, and have -25% Evasion.

  • Wampa- Kit Reveal

    Nov 20, 2017, 05:11 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    Wampas are large, furry predators that stalk their prey under the cover of snowfall. One of these beasts attacked Luke Skywalker outside Echo Base, and devoured the tauntaun he was riding. Shards for Wampa can be acquired through Territory Wars.


    Basic Ability: Womp!

    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Damage Over Time for 2 turns. If the target was Exposed or Staggered, Stun them for 1 turn. If the target was debuffed, gain 20% Turn Meter. If Wampa isn't debuffed, gain 20% Turn Meter. This attack can't be Evaded. This attack has +100% Offense against Rebel targets.

    Special Ability 1: Icebreaker

    FINAL TEXT: Dispel all debuffs on Wampa. Deal Physical damage to all enemies and Daze them for 2 turns. Wampa gains Protection Up (150%) until the next time this ability is used, which can't be Dispelled or prevented. (Cooldown 5)

    Special Ability 2: Furious Foe

    FINAL TEXT: Inflict Healing Immunity on all enemies for 2 turns, which can't be Evaded. Wampa gains 35% Accuracy, 35% Critical Chance, and 35% Offense (stacking) for the rest of the encounter. Wampa gains 15% Turn Meter for each defeated ally and each active enemy. This ability starts on cooldown. (Cooldown 4)

    Unique Ability 1: Howling Rage

    FINAL TEXT: While Wampa has Protection Up, it has +20% Counter Chance, +50% Offense, and +50% Tenacity.

    Unique Ability 2: Cornered Beast

    FINAL TEXT: Wampa has +50% Counter Chance. Wampa has +10% Counter Chance, +5% Health Steal and +5% Offense for each Damage Over Time effect on each enemy.

  • Colonel Starck- Kit Reveal

    Nov 20, 2017, 05:11 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    An officer of the Galactic Empire and commander of the AT-AT, Blizzard 4, serving under General Veers at the battle of Hoth. His character shards well be obtainable in Guild Shipments.

    Basic: Debilitating Shot

    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Defense Down for 2 turns. If the target was already debuffed, deal double damage.

    Special 1: Scan All Wavelengths

    FINAL TEXT: Empire allies gain Critical Chance Up and Critical Damage Up for 3 turns. Starck gains 5% Turn Meter for each Empire ally and each Rebel enemy. (Cooldown 3)

    Special 2: Blizzard Four Barrage

    FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 50% chance to Stagger them. Dispel all buffs on the primary target. For each active Imperial Trooper ally, deal 10% more damage and reduce the cooldown of this ability by 1.

    Unique: Imperial Intelligence

    FINAL TEXT: At the end of his turn, Starck recovers 7% Health and 3% Protection, and removes 1% Turn Meter from all enemies for each active Empire ally (doubled for Imperial Trooper allies). While Starck is active, Imperial Troopers allies have +50 Armor Penetration.

  • Hiya Holotable Heroes,

    We wanted to give a brief update to provide clarity in the community today around Platoon Squads/deployments.

    Platoon Squad compositions are working as intended, however we are also working on some improvements. Players should be aware that with the release of the Territory War feature, we will be actively curating Platoon compositions in the first three vertical slices of Territory Battles. This is with the intention to provide a more deliberate experience in Platoons for the players. Curated Platoons will have static compositions that will persist from Territory Battle to Territory Battle. Our intention is to post the static compositions to the forums when we are ready to provide them to the playerbase, so that players can prepare for the Platoons with some notice. Exact details to come.

    Our intent is to keep theses static compositions in rotation for the forseeable future and any change to these static compositions will be announced to the playerbase beforehand. This is to ensure that players are more prepared for the Platoons and can adjust their collections accordingly. We will continue the practice of excluding factions/characters from Platoons where those factions/characters are required somewhere else in the same vertical slice. The last three vertical slices will pull from all available units in the game, with the caveat that any previously excluded units will continue to be excluded.

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