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  • I know this has been discussed before, but couldn't find the thread.

    When I try to run Thrawn lead on my iPad Pro in Forest Moon Assault, many of the characters' primaries actually bring up the guild chat window. Consequently, I either need to avoid Thrawn lead (which is annoying) or rely exclusively on special abilities for those characters (with is absurd).

    Is there any way to work around this?

    • Capgasp:
      This bug is fixed in an upcoming client update. But for now I suggest not using a Thrawn lead in this event.
  • It's a serious question, that may or may not be answered. But I was looking at the Top Grossing list at Play Store and GOH is ranked 19. Thinking about that, that is pretty high! Considering other games out there in the top 20, which are very popular and pull in tons of money, maybe in the 100s millions not sure.

    But if you are in the top 20 I'm sure you'll pulling in the 10s of millions easy, if not a lot more.

    So my big question is, given how successful this game is, and what it pulls in, where is all this money going?

    When we look at the state of game, and its extremely slow pace of any significant updates to the game other then just new characters popping up, we begin to wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

    Anyone else wonder about that, because, to me, it just doesn't add up. We have had 0 new content for almost a year, barely any QOL updates to the game. And the only thing they keep pushing is just new characters and reworks here and there. I just don't see how that alone, would cost so much money to accomplish.

    I want this game to be successful, but maybe they need either new devs, more devs, and people in there that have a better understanding of running a mobile game. I don't know.

    It really baffles me, and quite honestly, kinda frustrating.

    • hiddenspring84:
      Good point about investing in other titles. Some amount of the profits are returned to EA to invest in the development of other games. After all, someone had to pay the bills while we were still building the game. Now that we're making money, it's our responsibility to provide that same opportunity to other teams.
  • Additionally Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) is now available in the Chromium Pack and standard Shipments.

    No ATF in shipments yet,false message cause many people do refresh shipment to find her shard


    • im-not-really-a-jedi:
      While I'm extremely happy to try and help out where I can, and when I can, I'm loathe to respond to posts with inflammatory titles. However, since this is the only post on the front page and I do want players to be aware of the situation, I am responding. However, please understand, there is no malice in what we do, so it's appreciated if you would simply ask, "Is this an error?".

      You can always be mad at my answer afterwards :)

      So, that said, YES, Ahsoka is in Chromium, but she is not slotted to go out in Shipments until the next update (*which is coming very soon*). It looks like there was some confusion when the post was written. **Regardless, it looks like she was always slotted to go out with this upcoming release.**

  • Addressing the Gear

    Jul 20, 2017, 07:07 p.m. · im-not-really-a-jedi - Reddit

    I know there are million things on that but as long as we play the game this will be the most discussed topic up there, and besides if there's the slightest chance that it can influence someone over at CG do alter things I'd prefer it to an image macro.

    **The Problem**

    The problem itself is the randomness as well as difficulty of obtaining the gear. Also the fact that the gear acquiring stays the same even if the gear levels rise. Take for example [this](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/002/mk-1-baw-armor-mod/), [this](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/011/mk-1-cec-fusion-furnace/), [https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/034/mk-1-sienar-holo-projector/) as well as [this](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/025/mk-3-blastech-weapon-mod/). All low level gear but due to the fact they are needed everywhere makes you spend precious energy which you really shouldn't in the first place, to farm them every now and then. Those are the gear pieces that have been in the game since its conception and it hasn't gotten 1% easier than to acquire between now and then.

    Moving on to, mid-level gear. This is surprisingly easy and is how it is supposed to be. Most if not all are available through the guild shop where you can obtain their 20 part pieces except for one. The dreaded [MK 3 Holos](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/102/mk-3-sienar-holo-projector/). These pieces are not only needed for MK 5 Furnaces but for higher levels of gear.

    The high-level gear. This is where it starts to get trickier, these are mostly [Stun Guns](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/117/mk-5-akt-stun-gun/), [Stun Cuffs](https://swgoh.gg/db/gear/112/mk-3-czerka-stun-cuffs/) and the occasional other 50 piece purple (MK 5 Detonators, MK 4 Chedak etc). They are available via fleet shipments at 5 pieces and drop from Rancor raids depending on the RNG.

    The top-level gear, the gold gear. These are absolutely horrible. They very rarely drop from the AAT raids, they are available from fleet shipments but the problem with them is the fact they are hardly farmable. It is 99.9% better to buy them outright with crystals.

    **Addressing the Problem, Part I- Low-Level Gear**

    This should've been resolved long ago. If it is possible to add Lv85 only interactions, it should be possible to make sure that whenever you are getting drops from a node you should get MULTIPLE copies of grey/green/blue gear. This would completely resolve the problem surrounding that issue and it would not trivialize the gearing in the low-levels.

    **Addressing the Problem, Part II Mid-Level Gear**

    This is simple as well. Add MK3 holos to guild shop. It isn't as drastic as changing TAC challenge (which is another problem raised by the community) and there is still opportunity cost of buying these. Make them cost slightly more than the others, who cares. Just add these to the guild shop where they shouldn't have been taken out in the first place. That is just shady business practice and one of the many reasons I haven't dropped dime since Spring 2016.

    **Addressing the Problem, Part III High-Level Gear**

    They are somewhat okay to be honest. The third 50 crystal refresh has helped alleviate the problem and if you combine that with the occasional fleet buy it isn't unlikely to have a full cuff/gun in 4-5 days depending on how lucky you are. But this isn't to say that it shouldn't be addressed. One way to resolve this issue is to get rid of challenge gear from Credit Heist/Training Droid/Assault Battle/Forest Moon (type) events and add 2-4 pieces of the high-level purple gear to the loot tables. It would still be subject to RNG but given the fact that these events are once a week at most, it'd be normal.

    **Addressing the Problem, Part IV Top-Level Gear**

    Decrease the RNG of challenge gear from hAAT. Nothing more to say. The drop rate on the gold gear (and the purple counterparts) is so horrible that it is impossible to farm them via energy. You either hope for a lucky raid drop or buy them via crystals. Decreasing the amount of challenge gear you get from hAAT would significantly help in getting the pieces that are needed. To be honest, either they shouldn't have been farmable at first place like some or have equal drop rate to high-level gear. This place in-between situation results in no one farming those.

    **Closing Remarks**

    Yes, this is another gear post. Yes, downvote all you want if you are that type of person. This sub works wonders in communication with CG regardless of what portion of the playerbase frequents it. A common example I'd give is /r/dota2 (and probably other MOBA subs), Valve has probably the least amount of direct communication in terms of gaming companies and you'd be shocked to see how far the feedback/bug reports/suggestions on that sub go and get implemented.

    • im-not-really-a-jedi:
      Thank you for writing this. It's very well thought out and you've made several valid points here! Sadly, I can't really comment on this topic at this time. :(

      Regardless, know that I've read it and appreciate it! :)
  • I'd say its been getting progressively worse for the past couple of months. Especially when I do both Squad and Ship Arena. It momentarily freezes or its just, well, choppy. I thought deleting and reinstalling it would do something but it didn't. I'm wondering if I'm the only one suffering from this. I play on an iPhone 6 that's 2 and a half years old, but everything else works fine, including other games.

    • hiddenspring84:
      In our most recent game client update (the one that came out a few weeks ago) we upgraded a number of third-party code libraries, as well as our game engine, to address stability issues with our tech stack that we've been plagued with over the past several months. Since then, we've noticed that there's been an unexpected regression in the runtime performance of the game. We are currently investigating the source of the performance issues, but don't have any news at this point. On a related note, I play on an iPhone 6+, so I can feel your pain.
  • Event Info (7/19)

    Jul 19, 2017, 10:07 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    Hiya Everyone,

    Here is a list of upcoming events for July. Cheers!


    Endor Escalation I PAPLOO

    • Starts: July 20th
    • Ends: July 22nd

    Endor Escalation II LOGRAY
    • Starts: July 22nd
    • Ends: July 24th

    Endor Escalation III WICKETNEW
    • Starts: July 27th
    • Ends: July 28th

    Omega Battles: Endor
    • Starts: July 8th
    • Ends: July 8th
    • Notes: Requires Sith & Droids

    Omega Battles: Empire
    • Starts: July 9th
    • Ends: July 9th
    • Notes: Requires Resistances & Clone Troopers

    Emperors Demise
    • Starts: July 13th
    • Ends July 19th
    • Notes: Requires Rebels

    Assault Battles: Military Might
    • Starts: July 15th
    • Ends: July 17th
    • Notes: Requires Rebels, Clones

    Assault Battles: Forest Moon
    • Starts: July 15th
    • Ends: July 16th

    Assault Battles: Forest Moon
    • Starts: July 20th
    • Ends: July 21st

    Ewok Flash Events
    Starts on following dates:
    • July 22nd
    • July 25th
    • July 28th
    • Notes: Ewoks only! Bring at least 3 Ewoks at 4 stars (with the exception of the bonus tier)

    Omega Battles: Hoth
    • Starts: July 22nd
    • Ends: July 22nd
    • Notes: Requires Scoundrels & First Order
    Omega Battles: Jakku
    • Starts July 23rd
    • Ends: July 23rd

    Assault Battles: Forest Moon
    • Starts July 25th
    • Ends: July 26th
    • Notes: Requires Empire

    Assault Battles: Ground War
    • Starts July 29th
    • Ends: July 30th
    • Notes: Requires Ewoks

  • Do Marquee events actually return?

    Jul 18, 2017, 04:07 p.m. · Capgasp - Reddit

    They all state in their headline that they are returning events, but I've all mastered them in the first run, so I'm asking myself, do they ever return?

    • Capgasp:
      Marquee events are non-recurring.
  • Noticed I will be able to do the 60-69 event, but if I slow down my leveling I can level up during and do the 70-79 also. If there is no benefit will just level up now.

    Does anyone know from past experience?

    • Capgasp:
      You are "locked in" to the event level range you start at until the event concludes. If a level banded event returns, the server reevaluates your level range and puts you into the proper one. Since Marquee events to not return, you can't double dip in the way you describe.
  • Welcome to the Media Archives!

    Jul 17, 2017, 11:07 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    This section will focus on centralizing all the social content our Players create not only for themselves, but for their fellow playerbase. Whether for entertainment, education or general tomfoolery, we want to showcase those who're taking the time to promote what they love about the game.

    In addition to various forms of media, our team will be showcasing fantastic Character art for you to use on your phone, or share with the rest of the galaxy.

    A couple notes:

    • Content will be posted by staff
    • This is a section that promotes and showcases the game. Controversial content will not be accepted
    • If you would like your content to be reviewed, please PM @CG_Kozispoon

  • Where'd My Post Go?

    Jul 17, 2017, 10:07 p.m. · CG_Kozispoon - EA Forums

    Seeing some increased activity in General lately? Wondering where your carefully crafted post fluttered off to? Rest assured it has not been deleted, but nudged to the proper category! Not only has the Forum gotten busier with the addition of new Mods (See the Mod listing HERE), but they are hard at work!

    Moving forward, we hope General stays Generally on topic with current events, but in addition work is being done to ensure the forums receive the proper engagement in order to filter feedback.