• SWGOH Grand Arena Championships Meta Report & Counters

  • Welcome to the SWGOH.GG GAC Meta Report

    It is important to note that this is very much an in-progress project. Algorithms and rankings could change at any point.

    This data is curated through top guilds and GAC leaderboards. It is important to remember that the context of battle is always important to the result; while we are presenting the raw data, it would serve the user well to keep in mind what kind of opponents and strategies could be employed.

    Our Metrics

    Currently, we are only showing Character battles on their first attempt. We decided to do this to keep the data somewhat clean - once you get to 2nd and 3rd attempts, the strategy and results vary wildly.

    The number of squads with that composition seen
    Win% / Hold%
    The rate of victory for squads. For attacks, it is Win%, and on defense, it is Hold%.
    Average Banners. For attack, this is banners won (higher is better). For defense, this is banners the attacking squad won (lower is better).
    Combined Victory Banner - this is calculated differently for attack and defense. The point ceiling and floors are determined by the GAC season map.

    win% + (100 * (avg_banners / point_ceiling * 100)) / 200
    hold% + (100 * (point_floor / avg_banners * 100)) / 200
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