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  • Hi Holotable Heroes,

    We wanted to reach out and give you an update on how platoons will work in the Geonosis Territory Battle. Our plan for platoons is to make them static in all phases. However, given that this represents the most end game of end game content and that the platoon abilities are key to victory at this time, we wanted to make the strategic trade off between using a character in a platoon and using the character in combat a meaningful decision. This results in many desirable characters being included in platoons (Darth Malak, Darth Revan, General Grievous, etc). Additionally, the number of each of these required will increase as the phase increases. Our goal is to alleviate some of the intraguild planning, while also challenging players’ rosters.

    As a related side note, the minimum character/ship star requirements for each phase is as follows:

    • Phase 1 = 6*
    • Phase 2 = 6*
    • Phase 3 = 7*
    • Phase 4 = 7*
    You can find the full set of platoons detailed here. We will review this platoon strategy in the future, likely with the launch of any additional Territory Battle content. At that time, we’ll make any changes if they are warranted.

    See you on the Holotables.

  • SBCrumb met with The Escape Podcast to talk about the Capital Games team's upcoming Extra Life fundraising drive: LISTEN IN NOW!

    And join us in the live stream

    Thank you very much for helping our team help children :blush:

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    We have partnered with Extra Life, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals and UC Davis Children's Hospital but we need your help. Join us live on Saturday June 22 as we play games on Twitch for 12hrs of gaming and charity!

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    Thank you SWGOH community, for supporting this event in years past and years to come!

    ~Capital Games

  • Hi Holotable Heroes,

    When we released the General Grievous rework back in February there was a lot of feedback that the rework didn’t make him powerful enough, or at least as powerful as some people expected.

    As you can probably imagine, although we weren’t able to talk about it at the time, we knew G13 was coming in the near-future and we wanted to ensure Grievous (and the Separatist Droids) didn’t become an utterly overwhelming force when G13 came into the game. Knowing at that time that we wanted to double-down on health being his scaling stat, we were conservative with the power we gave him at that time in anticipation of the power gains he’d get with the introduction of G13.

    During our play testing leading up to the release of G13, we discovered that even after applying G13, we found that although we were satisfied with where General Grievous was landing, there was still some room to grow the Separatist Droid faction based on our intended targets.

    So, we’re making the following changes to these characters (Changes highlighted in green/Removed text in red):

    General Grievous

    • Grievous Wounds: Deal Physical damage to all enemies (based on Grievous' Max Health), inflict Target Lock for 2 turns, and remove 30% Turn Meter from them. This attack can no longer be evaded. This affects all ability tiers.
    • Daunting Presence: All enemies have -40% Critical Avoidance and -50% Defense. Whenever a Dark Side Droid ally is resisted, that Droid gains 10% Potency (stacking) for the rest of the encounter. Target Locked enemies can't counter attack. When a Target Locked enemy is damaged, each Droid and each Separatist ally gains 2% Turn Meter, doubled for Grievous. When damaged by an attack, Dark Side enemies lose 5% Turn Meter, and Light Side enemies lose 2% Potency (stacking).
    IG-100 MagnaGuard
    • Relentless Assault: MagnaGuard has +70% counter chance and gains Taunt for 1 turn when it uses an ability during its turn. General Grievous and MagnaGuard gain 20% Tenacity and 20% Defense for each Target Locked enemy. All other Separatist Droid allies Stealth for 1 turn at the start of each encounter if General Grievous is an ally. The first time MagnaGuard reaches 1% Health, it takes 1 bonus turn and then is defeated. During this bonus turn, MagnaGuard has +100% Offense.
    These changes will come to the holotables alongside the start of Separatist Might.

  • We wanted to talk to you today about Dark Side Territory Battle - Geonosis and how a guild can qualify to play it. Before we dive into the specifics of qualifying, I want to lay out our thought process in order to provide context on why we have qualification requirements in the first place.

    First, we decided early on in the development of Geonosis that we would be running Geonosis concurrently with Hoth. We weighed the pros and cons of running them back to back versus running them concurrently and ultimately decided that we didn’t want to ask guilds to engage in such a heavy coordination exercise in addition to the Territory War coordination. If we have Territory Battles every day you will end up overlapping with Territory Wars which could be exhausting (and we’ve talked a lot with our beta testers about how the game can already be demanding for veteran Guilds).

    Second, Geonosis is intentionally much more difficult than Hoth. As the game ages and rosters become more developed, we want to continue to push the challenge of our end game content and give you the opportunity to use your best squads in a challenging PvE scenario. As such, Geonosis has a fairly steep difficulty curve heading into later phases and later encounters. We had concerns that if we generally let any guild go in and participate, and there’s no way to abandon a Territory Battle like a raid, that guilds could get stuck participating in an event for days that they are in no way able to do anything material. It’s important to note that Geonosis is shorter than Hoth. Hoth is a seven day event and Geonosis is a four day event. So the content is tougher and more demanding, but we’ve made it shorter to offset some of the intensity. Geonosis correspondingly also only has 33 stars due to its shortened length (each star being much more harder earned).

    In short, a guild must have at least 80 million GP (number is largely final but we are still testing it, so subject to change if needed) across its members to participate in Geonosis. We believe that guilds at this level will be able to check out the map and obtain a couple of stars. While that is the minimum level of GP a guild needs, and we want guilds of different GP levels to participate, players at that level will find it very very challenging. In alignment with our goals to continue to provide more and more challenges, we expect guilds will be acquiring significantly fewer stars than they do on Hoth, and that number will rise as they plan and strategize. By giving a specific “you must be this tall” we hope that it cultivates the conversation within guilds to something more directed.

    We’re going to have a follow up post on more information about the battle, and are eager to hear of questions that may arise based on everything we’ve said so far. Geonosis is intended to be an aspiration for guilds to band together, strive for the toughest content, and get the best rewards. This is already true of Hoth and the Sith Triumvirate more broadly, but we also wanted to see if we could help focus a guild towards what the end game looks like.

  • Nightsister/Anakin P3 Loop Team

    Jun 05, 2019, 05:06 p.m. · CG_TopHat - EA Forums

    It’s come to our attention that there is a team in Phase 3 of the Heroic Sith Triumvirate that can functionally solo/”loop” the Phase. This team is composed of Mother Talzin, Asajj Ventress, Nightsister Initiate, Old Daka, and Jedi Knight Anakin. This loop works due to an unintended interaction between Mother Talzin and Jedi Knight Anakin taking a bonus turn. As has been a long-standing policy of ours, when we discover infinite loops we take action on them. Due to our current slate of work in finishing the Grand Arena Championship and the Dark Side Geonosis Territory Battle, and the fact that with these releases, the Sith Raid is intended to be more trivial, we will not be taking action on this issue until after the release of the Territory Battle. After their release we will evaluate the issue and let you know if or how we plan on addressing it. Because Jedi Knight Anakin is currently sitting where we want him to sit in the meta, our efforts will be to address this interaction first and foremost and all other aspects of the characters as minimally as possible.

  • Hi all,
    We are aware of purchasing issues with the Galactic Upgrade Kit and are seeking information to resolve. There have been some reports of it not being purchaseable for some, and for others a pricing discrepancy (some people are seeing it for $6.99 US when the price is set to $7.99), so we are reaching out to get more information.

    Because this may involve contacting groups outside of the studio over the weekend (and because the error is lower than the list price), we may end up resolving it tomorrow. Not today.

    We'll keep you posted as we find out more info.


  • Territory Wars Errors

    May 11, 2019, 06:05 p.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    An unexpected surge in writes to the guild-territory-zone-data table started at 10:00AM PST and continued steadily for the next twenty minutes, so the Galaxy of Heroes Tech Ops team has been increasing the write provisioning on that table. This potentially would have affected anyone trying to access Territory War, and should be resolving now.

    We'll monitor the effects of this on guilds and determine the impact and makegood on Monday.

  • Update on Recent Characters

    Apr 30, 2019, 10:04 p.m. · CG_Carrie - EA Forums

    Hello Holotable Heroes,

    As we near on May the 4th, and our Clone Wars arc is swinging into full effect, I wanted to follow up on some of the month’s events in an effort to continue all the different channels of communication in between big Road Ahead beats.

    To begin with, it’s been a busy few weeks with the release of Darth Malak and Jedi Knight Anakin. Darth Malak was, and remains, a very difficult event. The intention was to create a longer-term chase character outside of fixed-rate events like raids and territory battles. Many people went after Darth Malak right away and 882 players got Darth Malak on his first go around who have never spent a single cent in this game. It was, I imagine, significantly more challenging for them than those who had, but as we were told by many players at Star Wars Celebration, they read the tea leaves, anticipated what was coming, and made specific choices about how to invest their resources. That represents a balance in this game that we want to continue to facilitate.

    Jedi Knight Anakin, and the tune-ups of General Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano, reflected a different type of release, where old characters were updated to the current state of the game. Finding where Anakin sits both with the tune-ups and where he will sit with the release of Padmé and his zeta ability, is an ongoing balancing act that we will monitor over time. As Erik mentioned in his post last week, we are constantly evaluating these releases both from a data and sentiment perspective and will make changes as needed, doing everything we can to respect investments (time and money) and maintain game health. So our monitoring of JKA is ongoing (as with all characters)and is dependent on the numerous behaviors that come from millions of hours of playtime from millions of players. Based on our findings, he is going to be even more powerful with Padmé, so we have restricted some of Anakin’s power to work only with Galactic Republic characters. You can read these specifics with his updated kit reveal which we’ll post shortly.

    Based off the back of those releases, there are some things we are going to endeavor to do to rectify some recent issues we have had. We’re going to try a few things and see how they work out before we adopt them permanently, but our interest is in sharing how we are responding to feedback.

    1. Testing: We’ve always utilized player feedback and testing on top of our internal testing groups, but as the game gets older and exceedingly more complicated, the methods that worked before don’t seem to be holding up. To that end, with Padmé, we did a slightly larger character playtest, consisting of a group of about 35 members of the community to hammer on different permutations of the character and squads and where she sits. This group provided a lot of helpful bugs and feedback, and we intend to use testing groups like this in the future, with an end goal of a public test server.
    2. Notice: While we don’t intend to pre-release info about all characters far in advance, we’d like to dial back on the feeling that you have no idea what’s coming. To that end, we wanted to let you know that later in May, we are going to be releasing reworks of Count Dooku and Nute Gunray as a part of the lead up to the Dark Side Geonosian Territory Battle. These characters are meant to fit into the Territory Battle, specifically, and Nute Gunray is getting a significant rework that we will share closer to his rework and may result in some manner of refund for current investments.
      While we won’t be able to reveal every character well in advance, we’ll endeavor to do it when we can, which will hopefully give you all some understanding of expectations. I’ll note that there was a new marquee/galactic chase character planned for May, which will likely get moved out, so at the moment absent of that single marquee/chase, there are no other characters planned in May, so you can use that time to focus on gearing up the characters that you have acquired recently and planning your next in-game moves.
    3. Response: As may be apparent with Jedi Knight Anakin (and many other releases), there can often be strong and extreme responses both at the time of the kit reveal and the launch of the character. With JKA, we wanted to let you know that we are actively investigating a character’s power, and while that is always the case, we will try to do a better job of communicating when it’s happening with hot topics, so that you know. Often as the dust settles (as has with JKA), we find that the character is performing near where expected, and changes if needed, are minor. What we ask of you is some consideration of that when evaluating new characters, and when in doubt, don’t get them until you’re confident and sure you want them.

    We hope you enjoy the May the 4th gifts which we will be announcing tomorrow. Also, starting with the Padme event we are going to be trying an experiment where we’ll be moving character releases to the following morning PST, instead of midnight PST releases. This is to ensure we’re in the office if any issues arise. The duration of the event will remain the same length.

    Keep the feedback coming, preferably productively, and we’ll do the same as much and as often as we can. And as always, we’ll see you on the holotables,



  • It’s been brought to our attention that Hoth Rebel Soldier is in Phase 2 Platoons. This is unintentional and will be changed in future runs of the Rebel Assault Territory Battle. Unfortunately, we cannot change it for the currently active Territory Battle. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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