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Guild Hope of tha Force

Player Info
Galactic Power 1,654,977
Galactic Power (Characters) 1,081,152
Galactic Power (Ships) 573,825
Fleet Arena Battles Won 473
Squad Arena Battles Won 1,350
Normal Battles Won 35,799
Hard Battles Won 9,654
Galactic War Battles Won 4,486
Guild Raids Won 289
Guild Tokens Earned 452,940
Championship Successful Battle Defends 89
Championship Full Rounds Cleared 52
Lifetime Championship Score 164,144
Championship Undersized Squad Battles Won 146
Championship Promotions Earned 22
Championship Banners Earned 96,554
Championship Best Rank Achieved 88,068,304,404,566
Championship Offensive Battles Won 330
Championship Territories Defeated 282
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