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    German XWings
    31 Members / 3 Profiles

    Die Macht möge mit uns sein. Hohe Aktivität zeichnet uns aus. Chat und TK ist Pflicht.

    Galactic Power
    Avg Galactic Power
    Character GP
    Ship GP
    Guild Rank
    Raid Points
    Avg Current Arena Rank
    Avg Current Fleet Arena Rank
    This guild has less than 10 profiles, and thus has a lower cadence to update. It will update every Sunday evening.
  • Name GP Arena Rank Arena Average Fleet Arena Rank Fleet Arena Average
    LordHelmchen 4926010 299 320 299 293
    r 2 d 2 3665768 397 411 264 267
    Da Sexy 1 3623580 1579 1478 136 140
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